Larry Baer Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Getty Larry Baer net worth

Larry Baer is the CEO of the San Francisco Giants. He was involved in a controversial incident on Friday, when a video showed him dragging his wife Pam out of a chair and onto the ground. The video also showed his wife screaming as he tried to grab something out of her hand.

The controversy surrounding the video has led many to speculate how much Baer is worth, and whether or not his the video that surfaced will affect his current position as CEO. While the exact amount of Baer’s net worth has been kept private, it has been reported that he makes $5 million per year, while the team he partially owns, the Giants, is worth an estimated $2.65 billion. Learn more about his fortune below.

1. He Receives an Annual Salary of $5 Million As the Giants’ CEO

According to Bay Area commentator Rich Lieberman, Baer makes $5 million a year as the Giants’ CEO. He has been the CEO of the club since 2012, when he took over the position for Bill Neukom. That means in total, he has earned an estimated $35 million over the last seven years.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Baer spoke on the joy he gets from working for the Giants. “I definitely think I am in right work and you have probably hit on somebody who is maybe a poster child for right work, because this is shared with a lot of people here,” he explained. “The Giants organization is more than work; it is viewed as a much larger part of life and existence and our being, than the workplace.”

“That is because there is so much emotion associated with the connection of going to a game or following a team, especially when it is your team, in my case as a fourth generation San Franciscan,” he added.  “There is a crusade element to this or passion element that goes well beyond work. It is messianic.”

2. Baer Was a CBS Assistant Before Working for the Giants Organization

Baer is a California native who holds an M.B.A from Harvard University and an A.B. in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley. He told the Huffington Post that he was a huge fan of the San Francisco Giants growing up, and would often attend games at Candlestick Park.

Prior to working for the Giants organization, Baer served as the Assistant to the Chairman of CBS Inc. In the late 1980s and 90s he served as the Director of KQED Inc. and a Member of Board of Advisors at Common Sense Media, Inc. According to Baer’s Bloomberg profile, he joined the Giants organization in 1992 when he was hired as Executive Vice President of the club. He was promoted to Chief Operating Officer in 1996, which is where he stayed until becoming CEO.

3. He Runs the Charity Boutique ‘For Goodness Sake’ With His Wife Pam

In addition to his work with the Giants, Baer runs a boutique and e-commerce business with his wife. Known as For Goodness Sake, the business showcases a curated selection of good for the community. Haute Living reports that the goods are often made by local artisans and are crafted from sustainable and recycled materials. Furthermore, For Goodness Sake donates at least 25 percent of its proceeds to charity partners.

“I want to go slow, but far,” Pam explained. “I’m trying to make a good impact on this community and highlight great artisans and partner charities. I think I made a difference for the boards I sat on and raised hundreds of millions of dollars for them. But I’ve always thought there’s a large contingency of people that cannot necessarily write the really, really large checks.”

4. He’s Raised Over $13 Million for Hospitals with the ‘Hearts of San Francisco’ Program

In 2001, Baer’s son Zack fell through a sliding glass door and badly cut himself. He was rushed to San Francisco’s only trauma center, The General, where he made a full recovery. “The doctors at General still walk on water as far as I’m concerned,” Baer later said. “I feel, in a way, blessed and grateful, even though at the time, it was the very worst time of my life. It’s still hard if I think about that day, but it also opened my eyes to a lot. It hit my compassion veins very strongly.”

In the wake of their son’s recovery, Baer and his wife founded the “Hearts of San Francisco”, which is a foundation dedicated to funding The General and raising money for additional trauma centers in the area. Spearheaded by two main events, the Heroes & Hearts and the Hearts After Dark, the Baers have raised over $13 million for their cause. Haute Living also reports that the Baers urged friends of theirs, including Judy and Richard Guggenhime, the co-chair of Capital Campaign, to raise an additional $150 million.

5. SF Giants Have Seen Record-Breaking Ticket Sales Under Baer

According to the official San Francisco Giants website, the club has had a run of financially profitable seasons under Baer. From 2012 to 2016, the Giants enjoyed their longest home sellout streak in recent memory, and welcomed more than 3.3 million fans per year. They also sold over 30,000 season tickets during this period. They became one of only four teams to exceed three million in attendance for eight consecutive years.

Under Baer, the Giants became one of the most popular venues in the country for special events. Their estimated net worth as a club has risen from $2 billion in 2015 to $2.65 billion in 2017, according to SB Nation. AT&T Park was also named Sports Business Journal’s Sports Facility of the Year in 2008, and they were named the recipient of the Sports Business Journal’s Professional Sports Organization of the Year award.