‘The Impossible’ Trailer Milks Tears from Tsunami Tragedy


It may seem like tsunamis — even radioactive ones — are a part of everyday life now. If you’re vacationing beachside with your face-kini and floaties, chances are a monstrous wave of death has zeroed in on your position with intentions of evaporating you and that fabulous tray of native delicacies you were munching on. We know this now, and that’s why we have to kill the ocean as soon as possible.

But back in 2004, we had no idea just how badly the ocean wanted to murder us. As either a subversive stab or pleasant holiday reprieve, the bastard waited until the day after Christmas, when everyone was enjoying all the bells and whistles of their new Nikons, to unleash the mother of all tsunamis right on top of Indonesia like a belated X-mas gift from the devil’s dick.

Well, if you forgot about that one, that deadly tsunami has a movie for it now, starring Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts as parents trying to unite their family in the aftermath of the island-bath from hell. By the looks of the trailer, the only thing you’ll experience when watching this film is a tsunami of emotions pouring out of your face onto your Izod shirt in front of your girlfriend. Don’t see this movie with your girlfriend. She’ll think you’re a pu$$y.