First Look: New Dwayne Johnson ‘Snitch’ Trailer

Do you smell what the Rock is cookin? We do and it’s a new action film called Snitch based on true events. This time around Dwayne Johnson has has to infiltrate a drug cartel to protect the people he loves the most (dun, dun, dun!). When his idiot son decides to play drug dealer, he gets served with ten years of hard time. The only way to get him out of the slammer is to deliver a king-pin, and bust this whole thing wide open. A shockingly good cast surrounds him, with Susan Sarandon as the hardass U.S. Attorney, who won’t take anything less than the big fish before she lets the guppies free, and Benjamin Bratt doing his best Pablo Escobar impression. Additionally, Boardwalk Empire badass Michael K. Williams, and former Walking Dead star John Bernthall round out the cast.

Snitch hits theatres on February 22, 2013.