Watch David Cronenberg’s 1972 Short Film ‘Secret Weapons’!

He’s one of the best filmmakers in the world today. He’s proved his might with 80’s science-disturbia classics like The Fly and Videodrome, and he reinvented himself as a dramatic king of violence with his contemporary films: Oscar-nominated History of Violence and, the frankly, overtly underrated, Eastern Promises.

But before all of that, and even before his gross high-rise apartment 1975 nightmare flick, Shivers, Cronenberg was poking at the bulging brooding mass of terror at all angles, and this 1972 short, ‘Secret Weapons’ is just a glimpse at the master prepping his craft.

It’s interesting to see DC’s garish touch, unpolished and unrefined, yet just as terrifying here in one of his earliest works. We here at Heavy love unearthing and displaying and discussing the depths, fringes and foregrounds of cinema for you, so here’s a treat: David Cronenberg’s 1972 short, Secret Weapons. Enjoy…