Johnny Depp Wears Facepaint In The New ‘The Lone Ranger’ Trailer


Johnny Depp is continuing his work with Disney and director Gore Verbinski, who helmed the Pirates of the Caribbean films with this take of the classic TV show, The Lone Ranger. What’s interesting about this version though, is the fact that Depp decided he wanted to play the Native American character Tonto instead of playing the classic hero.

Gore Verbinski’s trademark visual flare is all over this trailer with some spectacular looking sequences infused with a bit of humor that almost makes this film look like Pirates of the Caribbean on a train.

It’ll also be intriguing to see if relative newcomer Artie Hammer (The Social Network) can pull off playing the main protagonist is such a big studio film, but by the looks of the trailer, this might turn out to be a fun actioner no matter how distracting Depp’s accent might be.

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