‘Pain And Gain’ Trailer: The Rock And Mark Wahlberg Beef Up


“I cannot kill!” Quips The Rock, the man known for amassing quite the large body-count in the past decade of his action shoot-em-ups, and that’s what makes this trailer look so damn exciting.

Car chases, explosions, people jumping out of vehicles, a cool and collected Ed Harris providing chase, and it’s all stylishly constructed together by Michael Bay, who seems to be back in his Bad Boys mode.

The film, about a trio of bodybuilders who have grown tired of pumping iron and not reaping the monetary rewards of a gecko-bodied millionaire is “based on a true story.” Whatever that means anymore.

Anyway, as far as action blockbusters go, this is one to look out for in 2013, even if it’s just to see Wahlberg give the massive Rock a few consoling hugs.