Star Wars And Zombies: Two Great Tastes That Suck

Death TroopersHow do you revive the corpse of your franchise? By combining it with more corpses!  Or at least that’s the logic behind Death Troopers, the new Star Wars zombie novel released this week.

Normally, I don’t waste my time with trashy sci-fi (I prefer the subtleties, character development, and rape of the Gor universe) but I’m still considering getting this – because if’s description is any indication, it’s not just bad – it’s hilariously bad, to the point where even Star Wars nerds can’t find any praise for it:

“Description: The Star Wars adventure goes someplace new and scary with the release of the first-ever Star Wars horror novel, featuring a special cover with a full-color poster printed on the reverse side. Death is only the beginning when a Star Destroyer is found drifting in space.”

How can the Star Wars universe go anywhere newer and scarier? We’ve already had a zombie with a lightsaber – his name was Hayden Christensen. But who knows – maybe nerds are hungering for Admiral Ackbar torture porn.