New On Netflix: Mimic

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New York cucarachas are carrying a disease that’s killing the kids, so brilliant bug doc Mira Sorvino conjures a hybrid insect designed to kill every single last damn cockroach in the city. It works, and the children are saved, but years later, the hybrid insects — which were only supposed to have a short lifespan — resurface, having adapted and gotten a bit, uh, bigger. A truly disgusting, squirm-inducing horror flick that will test the endurance of even the 0.1% of the human population on Earth that can actually stomach the sight of creepy-crawly bugs, Mimic is director Guillermo del Toro‘s most underrated work; stylish, intense and gross as all get-out. You can also decide for yourself which movie featuring a scene where Charles S. Dutton gets torn apart by a giant monster has him overacting the most: this one or Alien3 (he actually sings as he hobbles to his doom in this one, though, so maybe that already answers it).