The Top Ten ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ GIFs

Today marks the day that the Nightmare on Elm Street Blu-ray collection arrives in stores and online, and I couldn’t be more excited! To celebrate this Warner Bros. release, we complied the ten best Freddy Kruger GIFs on the net into one neat little package for your enjoyment.

So hype yourself up for one of the greatest horror series ever imagined by sucking down (the bed!) these animated treats just for you.

Come here…give uncle Freddy a hug.

Freddy can’t wait to get to pool parties.

“This isn’t a loofah!”

Best…alarm clock…ever


Even Freddy has downtime.

A mirror-smashing, warm embrace is what every young girl needs.

Gene Simmons eat your heart out.

I digress…this is the best alarm clock ever.

These Iphones just keep getting more and more advanced.

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