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You know everything about Blue Crush goes against your better judgment, but put on your bathing suit and open your heart and you’ll find a cute, fun piece of summer fluff, a big fat slice of cheesecake that’s just waiting for you to make it the desert of your choice. The premise is absurd and stupid, but so what? If we were Kate Bosworth, we’d live in Hawaii and get up before dawn to go surfing, too. We’d swallow our pride and occasionally tolerate the humiliation of disposing of used condoms as we toil as a maid at a local hotel in order to pay the rent on our little beach shack. And we’d most definitely fall for the hot vacationing football player who shows up for surfing lessons. You also get Michelle Rodriguez, actually smiling more than scowling for a change, and the best surfing scenes put to film since… well, since Point Break. And that’s saying something, dude.