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If there was ever a movie that earned the exclamation point in its title, it’s definitely Baz Luhrmann’s big, brash and bold valentine to a bohemian club in 1901 Paris — and to the lovestruck denizens therein. Ewan McGregor is the young poet who gets involved with a ragtag theatre troupe and promptly falls for the venue’s “sparkling diamond,” played by Nicole Kidman — lots of singing, dancing and madcap antics ensue. While Luhrmann sometimes feels like the guy who still has a lampshade on his head at 4AM after everyone else has already gone home or passed out, you have to admit that the man has passion and vision coming out of his pores (if not artistic discipline). Don’t try to dislike this one — try as you might, it will win you over and you will love it, at least a little bit.