New On Netflix: Boot Camp

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Young Sophie (Mila Kunis) does crazy things like smoke and swear and knock things over at record stores, which prompts her parents to send her away to what looks like a pretty legit rehabilitation program on a Fiji island; what it ends up being is a hell on earth run by a psychologist with more than a few screws loose (Peter Stormare) where “troubled” teens are beaten, tortured, brainwashed and sexually abused. Boot Camp , while definitely as ridiculous and tasteless as it sounds, is actually too tame and watered-down to make any sort of lasting impression (don’t be fooled by the proud proclamation of “UNRATED” on the box art), barely coming across as anything more than an After School Special with the occasional bit of naughtiness. Ms. Kunis actually looks rather embarrassed throughout… and annoyed that she has to spend so much of the film covered in dirt and grime; she seems to take rather out-of-character pleasure in the pre-sex hot shower she indulges in after she manages to escape the island and check into a hotel with her idiot boyfriend — who managed to infiltrate the camp as a bad apple himself in an attempt to rescue her. You’d think this whole thing could be salvaged somewhat by an amusingly over-the-top performance by Stormare, but he actually seems to be on drugs through most of it… and not the kind that make you excited or enthusiastic in any way.

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