New On Netflix: Hackers

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A guilty pleasure (and then some) starring Angelina Jolie before she was “Angelina Jolie,” Hackers might be one of the last great young-people fantasy films, a movie that has the giddy spirit of The Goonies and the high stakes of WarGames — and is at least three times as implausible as either of those ’80s classics (if you can imagine such a thing). Angelina and Jonny Lee Miller (pre-Trainspotting, and once her real-life husband) are part of a group of super-cool computer experts that get mixed up in an extortion conspiracy involving a Big Brother-like corporation — and a very cranky Fisher Stevens, who seems to be playing an evil version of his character from Short Circuit (hey, why quit on the ’80s riff?). It’s completely ridiculous, but who cares? Everyone has cool aliases like “Acid Burn,” “Crash Override,” “Cereal Killer” and “The Plague” — just “boot up or shut up,” as the tagline commands.

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