New On Netflix: Resident Evil: Afterlife

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The marketing campaign for the fourth Resident Evil movie proudly proclaimed it was shot using the same 3D technology as James Cameron’s Avatar; unfortunately, just because you have a catcher’s mitt doesn’t mean you’re an actual ball player, as they forgot to hire technicians with the know-how to go with all the fancy equipment, resulting in some pretty forgettable three-dimensional bloody mayhem. Not that this matters on Netflix Instant, as you won’t be experiencing this Afterlife in 3D from your couch — what you will get is Milla Jovovich still managing to rise above all of this nonsense as she once again returns as the gorgeous shotgun-toting mutant, Alice, a zombie-stomping goddess that’s pure hell on wheels when it comes to wiping out the poor suckers who were on the wrong end of the Umbrella Corporation’s unfortunate T-virus accident. It’s Milla time, all the way — in fact, we’d be surprised if you remember anyone else in this movie the morning after watching it. Oh yeah, Ali Larter! She’s pretty hot, too.

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