New On Netflix: The Hole

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An astonishingly mean-spirited British thriller, The Hole will make you feel at least three times as dirty as the film’s protagonists, a quartet of rather obnoxious private school students who decide to ditch a field trip and spend a weekend of debauchery in an abandoned bomb shelter. When they accidentally get locked inside, well, things get a little intense, and some rather unexpected character revelations make things even more complicated… and dangerous. Somewhat renowned for being the movie that features a 15-year-old Keira Knightley flashing her breasts, The Hole is chock full of deviant behavior and icky goings-on, with at least one of the central characters revealed to be completely batshit insane before they got trapped in the stinkin’ pit. A semi-successful installment in the Cinema of Cruelty, though certainly not one you’ll be inspired to revisit after one jump into its murky abyss.

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