New On Netflix: Married To The Mob

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A cute-as-can-be crime comedy (how could it not be with that title?) featuring one of Michelle Pfeiffer‘s sexiest (and funniest) performances, Married to the Mob follows the midadventures of a mob widow who tries to leave the criminal life behind after her up-and-coming gangster husband (Alec Baldwin) is whacked in a hot tub after being caught with the boss’ mistress (Nancy Travis). This proves to be a difficult (and often door-slamming) endeavor when she’s suddenly romantically pursued by both the mob boss looking for a new mistress (Dean Stockwell) and the undercover FBI agent looking to put the whole gang away (Matthew Modine) — and targeted as an enemy by the boss’ wife (Mercedes Ruehl), who doesn’t take too kindly to her man being “stolen” by some hussy. Light as air and almost completely disposable were it not for that terrific cast — Stockwell, in particular, scores major points with his Oscar-nominated performance as the suave Mafia bigwig who won’t take “No” for an answer. Director Jonathan Demme, as always, keeps things moving with a sure and deft hand; indeed, Married to the Mob is something of a companion piece to its direct predecessor, Something Wild, though Demme’s next feature, The Silence of the Lambs, would prove to be about as polar-opposite of both films as you can possibly get.