New On Netflix: South Park: The Hits – Volume 1

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Choosing one’s ten favorite South Park episodes would be a daunting task for any fan, but creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone stepped up to the plate and made the call on their own personal picks; the result is South Park: The Hits – Volume 1, and since we haven’t had a “Volume 2” in the six years since this compilation was released, consider the episodes herein to still be worthy of the honor. We have to admit, Trey and Matt definitely picked some good ones, including “The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers,” which chronicles the boys’ epic mission to return a powerful porn movie to a video store, complete with a Gollumed-out Butters; you also get Cartman at his most diabolically sociopathic in the harrowing revenge tale, “Scott Tenorman Must Die,” and another relentless attack on Scientology (and Tom Cruise in general) in “Trapped in the Closet.” If you’re looking for ten can’t-miss South Park adventures, then definitely “Play All” with this collection; other episodes include “Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset,” “Best Friends Forever,” “Good Times with Weapons,” “Casa Bonita” (another great Cartman-centric episode) “AWESOM-O,” “Towelie” and “Red Hot Catholic Love.”