Top 10 Best Cool Survival Gear for Emergencies 

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Emergency situations can arise at any moment. It’s important to own survival gear that could potentially save your life in a dangerous scenario. Every household should have some well thought out survival equipment on hand in case an emergency or disaster suddenly arises. The same goes for those who enjoy trekking into the wilderness — if you spend time in the remote outdoors than you would be wise to own some gear capable of getting you out of a jam if things go south.

We’ve put together a top ten list of some rad survival gear that includes some seriously cool, as well as totally useful and practical equipment. We’ve included items that could prove essential to survival in a variety of potential scenarios. Utilizing quality multi-tools, having the ability to cook food on the go and providing yourself with portable, lightweight sleeping arrangements are just a few of the goals included in this list. Most of these items are quite simple in concept and very much affordable — but the gear here none the less has a lot of potential to turn a worst case scenario into a manageable and survivable ordeal. Whether you’re an all out doomsday prepper or just a mindful outdoorsmen, we’ve got you covered on some really neat gear that will make an excellent addition to your survival equipment. The best way to pull through survival scenarios is to be prepared, so stay smart and consider what you might need in order to keep safe in any potential situation.

1. FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel Multitool

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Here’s a seriously righteous multi-tool worth owning for virtually any survival scenario. This all in one survival shovel has a huge array of potential uses between all of its features. This compact and lightweight (1.2 pounds) tool includes a shovel, axe blade, serrated saw, hammer and length of paracord. There’s also an emergency whistle, magnesium fire starter, bottle opener and travel pouch included. This is a super compact unit that can fit easily into a backpack or in your vehicle. You never know what sort of survival scenario might require you dig trenches, build shelters or start fires — this multi-tool has you covered on all fronts. Crafted with hi carbon steel and hardened aluminum, this is a tough piece of gear that’s built to withstand the elements. I can think of a ton of potential reasons to include this unit in your survival kit, and for only $60 this thing is bound to pay for itself if you really need it. While we’re on the topic of versatile multi-tools, maybe you have a need for a smaller, pocket sized alternative that still has an array of important features that could save your life.

Price: $59.00 & Free Shipping (40 percent off MSRP)

Buy the FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel Multitool here.

2. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

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I think we can all be amazed at the water filter created by LifeStraw. This is likely the most practical and crucial piece of survival gear on this list — because nothing is more important than clean water in a survival scenario. A seriously cool recent innovation in safe water filtration, the LifeStraw has changed the game for both packing and consuming water while hiking or enduring situations where clean water is scarce. For just $20 you can stride through the wilderness in confidence knowing that you can safely drink from freshwater sources. Some landscapes in particular are ideal for owning a LifeStraw. For instance; while backpacking and hiking around Yellowstone National Park for a week last fall, my companion and I encountered countless streams suitable for drinking if we only had brought a safe filtration system. We regretted not having the option to simply lean in and drink from all the beautiful stream water we came across, and instead hauled around heavy canteens all week. Lesson learned — where there’s abundant water that’s suitable for filtration, leave the water bottles behind. The LifeStraw removes a minimum 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria (>LOG 6 reduction) and even surpasses EPA standards for water filters. Without employing iodine, chlorine, or any other chemicals, the LifeStraw is designed to filter up to 1000 liters of contaminated water throughout its lifespan. I even read some customer reviews that claimed the lifespan of their LifeStraw was more than doubled by attaching a regular coffee filter to the end of the device with a rubber band — pretty smart! For a super affordable cost you can purchase a LifeStraw and add it to your survival kit, backpacking equipment or regular camp gear. For such a reasonable price it’s in my opinion totally worth owning a bunch of these units in case of a disaster scenario where clean water is an issue. There’s free shipping on this product on orders over $25, so you save come cash by buying a few of these.

Price: $19.95 & Free Shipping on orders over $25

Buy the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter here.

3. MallowMe 10 Piece Camping Cookware Mess Kit

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A good mess kit is a must have for any serious backpacker or survivalist. This kit by MallowMe is well reviewed and praised by camp cooks and hikers alike. At just $22, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better valued set. Made of anodized aluminum, this cook set conducts heat quickly and washes clean with ease. The pieces included are a one liter nonstick pot and cover, a nonstick pan, two BPA free bowls and a BPA free soup spoon, a folding stainless steel spork, a wooden spoon spatula, and a cleaning sponge. It’s all there! There’s also a nylon travel drawstring pouch included to collapse everything into for easy transport. At just about one pound, this is a pretty inclusive set for the weight! Customer reviews insist all the pieces to this kit other than the cleaning sponge are great (although some users did favorably review the loofa). If you need to hit the road and get to safety in a emergency scenario, you’re going to want an adequate cooking set to prepare meals on. On a final and less practical note, I think this mess kit has a real badass look to it with the green on black color scheme. An excellent mess kit at an excellent price, MallowMe is the go-to on piece of survival equipment.

Price: $21.99 (69 percent off MSRP)

Buy the MallowMe 10 Piece Camping Cookware Mess Kit here.

4. Core Survival Paracord Survival Bracelet

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Core Survival

You never know when you might find yourself in a survival situation where you have very minimal equipment on hand. Things DO happen regardless of planning and preparation, so it’s always wise to have a few versatile items that could get you out of a jam. This survival bracelet by Core Survival is meant to do just that. Constructed with approximately ten feet of 550 pound paracord, the material of this bracelet alone could really come in handy for shelter building, trail marking or countless other tasks. It also comes equipped with an effective whistle and compass, so finding your way back to civilazation remains possible if you’re truly lost. A magnesium flint and striker are also included in this compact survival bracelet. If you find the paracord too bulky for your wrist, then just clip the bracelet to your backpack and rest assured that it’s there if you need it. Survival scenarios aside, this bracelet is a pretty neat piece of equipment to own, and it can be fun to practice making primitive fire with the flint and to explore some of its other features. At only $13, this bracelet is in my opinion worth owning.

Price: $12.99 & Free Shipping on orders over $25

Buy the Core Survival Paracord Survival Bracelet here.

5. Phantom Aquatics Premium Waterproof Backpack

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Phantom Aquatics

This roll-top backpack by Phantom Aquatics is a great option for a dry bag survival backpack. A pack like this could REALLY come in handy when things get wet and it’s easy enough to fold and store with an additional, larger capacity survival pack. This bag is designed to safely float, so it’s a good choice for traveling by boat. The large outer elastic storage space as well as the mesh side pocket allow you to store some gear on the outside of the pack. This bag also has two methods of sealing depending on what you’re trying to do with your pack. The back panel is constructed with an air flow design to minimize the uncomfortable heat and stickiness that some waterproof packs can generate. Adjustable sternum and waist straps make this bag as comfortable as possible. I think the quality of the straps on this pack is what makes it such a great waterproof survival pack— as well as its low cost of just $44. If you want to be prepared for wetness and need to keep electronics and other sensitive items bone-dry, then consider adding this pack to your survival gear. If a waterproof backpack is a little excessive for you, then maybe consider purchasing a highly packable dry bag to include in your survival gear locker.

Price: $43.62 & Free Shipping

Buy the Phantom Aquatics Premium Waterproof Backpack here.

6. Mr. Heater 4,000-9,000-BTU Portable Radiant Heater

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Mr. Heater

This tent friendly space heater by Mr. Heater is an impressive piece of equipment. Campers and outdoorsmen of all kinds praise this heater for its reliable and consistent heat output. When it’s just too savagely chilly outside (or inside) to maintain a safe body temperature, firing up a unit like this can help you come back to life. Whether you’re on a multi-day hunting expedition, out on the ice doing some fishing, or you just live in a cold climate and want to prepare for power outages or grid failures, you’ll find the Mr. Heater to be an easy and convenient way to keep warm. It’s highly portable, so if you need to leave the house in a hurry and endure exposure to dangerously low temps, this heater is small enough to come for the ride. It could be all the difference in securing a safe and comfortable shelter during a survival scenario. This unit puts out 4,000 to 9,000 BTUs for spaces up to 225 square feet. The Mr. Heater has an auto shut-off feature if it detects low oxygen. The unit will also shut off if it tips over or if the pilot light goes out. I was skeptical about the idea of sleeping with a radiant heater in my tent or shelter due to safety concerns, but it turns out the technology is quite sound. All you have to do is connect this unit to a propane tank and then you’re all set to turn the heat on! Trek farther and later into the season with this unit and be prepared to endure frigid temperatures if the need arises.

Price: $77.70 & Free Shipping

Buy the Mr. Heater 4,000-9,000-BTU Portable Radiant Heater here.

7. Wolfyok Portable Stainless Steel Wood Burning Camp Stove

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This stove is a very cool option for the backpacker or survivalist who wants to leave the fuel canisters behind and have the option to cook with what nature already offers! This lightweight (less than a pound) and highly portable camp stove can fit in a backpack easily, and doesn’t require the added weight of propane or butane canisters. If you’re going to be hiking through wilderness that provides an abundance of twigs, leaves and pine cones, then this stove could save you some serious space and weight in your bag. This is a great unit to add to your home emergency kit as well — because when fuel becomes scarce you’ll still have ab adequate stove to prepare meals. Constructed from stainless steel, this five piece unit is corrosion resistant and will hold up to high heat just fine. The three arm pot support system provides a stable cooking platform for a pot or pan. Due to its small size, you cannot really effectively cook with a large pot or pan — but it’s large enough to cook with most cooking ware. One additionally neat thing to consider with this stove is that it’s environmentally friendly in the sense that it doesn’t have any emissions or batteries! If you’re looking for a real space saving stove that will perform without needing any fuel, or just like the idea of cooking with a real wood flame fire, then definitely check this one out. Another option in fuel-less portable cooking is using solar power — check out this solar oven for another solid survival option.

Price: $20.99 (30 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Wolfyok Portable Stainless Steel Wood Burning Camp Stove here.

8. Anker PowerCore 20100 – Ultra High Capacity Power Bank

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Having a power bank when traveling through the wilderness or enduring a power-outage survival scenario is a seriously smart idea. If you’re trekking through backcountry and relying on electronics to keep you safe in the wilderness, then you oughta have some back up juice for your devices just in case. A unit like this could also really come in handy in your home emergency kit if the grid goes down or if you need to leave the house in a hurry and require some battery life for your electronics. The Anker PowerCore 20100 20000mAH High Capacity Power Bank provides you with the extra charge you might need for your phone, GPS, camera or whatever else. At just 12.5 ounces and highly portable, this unit has enough power on one charge to charge an I-phone 7 almost seven times, or a Galaxy S5 five times. Pretty impressive stats. Anker includes a micro USB cable, travel pouch and an 18 month warranty with this product. For those outdoorsmen and disaster preppers who want to ensure their phones will remain usable or their GPS units will continue to navigate, the Anker PowerCore is a great preventative measure.

Price: $41.99 & Free Shipping (48 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Anker PowerCore 20100 – Ultra High Capacity Power Bank here.

9. Worspoday 10 in 1 Emergency Survival Kit

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Here’s a highly portable and versatile survival kit worth adding to your emergency gear locker. This kit includes almost all the gear a serious survivalist might need. A flint fire starter, emergency blanket, swiss card, flashlight, whistle, folding knife and tactical pen are all included here. The paracord bracelet is additionally equipped with a compass and extra fire starter and whistle. It’s all here — and it’s only four by six inches and less than a pound! This kit is also water and weather proof, so don’t worry about the elements degrading this one. The price is remarkably low for a survival kit that is this inclusive. For the experienced survivalist, there’s a TON of potential uses and purposes this kit can be used for. Whether you want to add some additional safety measures to your backpacking or wilderness kit, or have a need for adding a general survival kit to your home emergency kit, the quality and affordability of this set is unmatched.

Price: $26.99 & Free Shipping (51 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Worspoday 10 in 1 Emergency Survival Kit here.

10. Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

winner outfitters, survival gear, hammock, emergency prep

Winner Outfitters

Hammocks are a big up and coming outdoor item these days, and for good reason. A good hammock packs small, can be set up in a variety of places and is a great option for a make-shift accommodation. This double hammock by Winner Outfitters could make a nice addition to your wilderness or home survival kit. For you backpackers out there, at just one and a half pounds, you’ll hardly remember that you’re carrying it until you collapse into its embrace at the end of the day. This hammock has a whopping 500 pound weight limit, and claims to provide plenty of space for you and one other person. The 210T nylon parachute fabric employed in its design is what allows this hammock to be both strong and light. If you pair this hammock with a lightweight thermal survival blanket, then you’ve got yourself a safe and simple sleeping space with next to no weight. Winner Outfitters includes two tree friendly straps and carabiners with this hammock so it comes ready to rock. At $27, this is a very reasonably priced hammock, and customer reviews insist the quality is adequate. Winner Outfitters also offers a single hammock if you don’t have anyone to snuggle with or would prefer to carry even less weight.

Price: $26.99 & Free Shipping (61 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock here.

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