Top 10 Best Hunting Boots for 2018

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Every serious hunter wears a pair of serious boots when chasing game. The quality of the support you give your feet is crucial for enjoying yourself during long days in the field. Factors like waterproofing, insulation, scent control and of course overall comfortability are what make or break your hunt. Take good care of your feet and stride through the wilderness like a true frontiersman this season with a solid pair of hunting boots from our top ten list.

This list is split into two categories:

Boots #1 — #5 have been selected for their superior hiking and trekking stats. These boots are ideal for the hunter who covers a lot of ground when pursuing game and needs their feet to be properly cushioned and supported by something both rugged and lightweight. if you’re a deer or upland game hunter then definitely check these out. Traction, weight, breathability and warmth have all been carefully considered here.

Boots #6 — #10 are geared towards hunting areas where you expect to deal with some wetness. These are knee high or thigh high boots chosen for their superior ability to keep you dry through ANY conditions. If you love to hunt waterfowl in the marsh or stalk turkey and deer in and around flooded woodlands than you might want to consider the extreme waterproofing offered by these boots. The editor’s choice for best all around hunting boot is located here at #8. If your main passion is wetland hunting than maybe you’re more interested in reading our Top 10 Best Waders and Hip Boots for Duck Hunting list.

Good hunting boots are an awesome investment — they’re something you’ll own and use for a variety of purposes long into the future. Whatever style of hunter you are there’s something here for you.

1. Most Versatile Hunting Boot: LaCrosse Men’s Silencer Realtree Xtra 400G Hunting Boot

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Here’s a popular pair of rugged hunting boots from LaCrosse. The Silencer Boots are an awesome choice for long, grueling treks over gnarly terrain. The waterproof suede uppers on these boots reach pretty far up your calf for some serious ankle support. If you need a sturdy boot with maximum stability for crossing landscapes with sketchy footing — this is it. The rubber soles coupled with the 1000 denier nylon construction makes for one tough pair of boots — good luck beating these ones up. When laced all the way up you’re in great shape for whatever the wilderness throws your way. If you hike into your hunting grounds with a heavy pack on your back the ankle support and upper rigidity of these boots might be something to consider. These boots are totally waterproof too, so don’t worry about puddle hopping in these bad boys. Dry-Core lining on the interior assists in keeping your scent to a minimum as well as allows moisture out so your feet don’t overheat. Part of what makes these boots so lightweight is their lack of heavy insulation, but don’t count them out as a warm boot. A lot of hunter reviews insist the 400 grams of thinsulate insulation makes these pretty toasty for fall and winter hunting as long as you’re not sitting still all day. For tree stand hunting in the winter cold you might want something a bit more insulated. LaCrosse has created a truly awesome all around hunting boot with the Silencers at a super reasonable cost. For a pair of boots around $100 you get way more than what you pay for with these ones.

Price: $79.96 – $99.95

Buy the LaCrosse Men’s Silencer Realtree Xtra 400G Hunting Boot here.


  • Superior ankle support for trekking on gnarly terrain an/or hiking with a heavy load on your back
  • 100% waterproofing coupled with high reaching uppers makes it really challenging to get your feet wet in these boots
  • Surprisingly lightweight at right around one pound per boot
  • Very reasonably priced — this is an excellent value from LaCrosse that comes highly reviewed by hunters
  • Excellent breathability for hot days hunting and pretty solid warmth for fall and winter hunting — very versatile boots for any time of year


  • Minimal insulation means these aren’t ideal for SUPER cold temps — these boots are perfectly fine for cold weather hunting but you’ll want something warmer for those truly freezing days

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2. Best Hunting Boots for Extreme Cold Hiking: Danner Men’s High Ground 8 Realtree X 1000G Hiking Boot

danner, hunting, hunting boots, insulated hunting boots


I really like these 1000 gram insulated boots by Danner for a truly warm option in hunting boots. These boots are seriously toasty without being too heavy due to the lightweight nature of the Thinsulate insulation employed here. This boot is crafted as a hiking base modified for hunting. These will perform great for long, motionless days in the cold hunting from a tree stand as well as for trekking around your favorite hunting grounds. The High Grounds are constructed of leather and nylon with a Synthetic sole. Danner has built these boots exceptionally rugged, so they’ll hold up to your most grueling expeditions just fine. The Gore-Tex liner of these boots is 100% waterproof and also quite breathable — it’s designed to keep your feet truly dry. A lot of hunter reviews insist these boots handle knee high snow just fine — impressive. I personally really like the high ankle support on this model for some added security trekking over sketchy terrain and for the extra support in general. The Price tag is a little high on these ones, but that being said Danner has an excellent reputation and top notch customer satisfaction for a reason!

Price: $123.68 – $222.00

Buy the Danner Men’s High Ground 8 Realtree X 1000G Hiking Boot here.


  • These boots are seriously warm without being too heavy (around 2 pounds per boot) due to the 1000 grams of thinsulate insulation
  • GORE-TEX liner keeps your feet dry even in snowy conditions
  • The Talon dirt and rock gripping outsole provides some great traction
  • The Real Tree Camo Pattern is a crowd favorite and a nice added touch


  • These boots are a bit on the pricey end, but the insulation and materials used makes them well worth the money

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information and reviews here.

3.Best Lightweight Hunting Boots for Freezing Temperatures: Muck Boots Men’s Arctic Pro Hunting Boot

muck boot, hunting boots, hunting, muck boots

Muck Boot

Here’s both a hiking and wading option by Muck Boot that is designed for the COLD weather hunter. This pair of boots could have been included in the back half of this list because of their highly waterproof design but we decided to include them here instead for their superior insulation. These boots are rated to keep your feet warm in temps as low as minus 50 degrees F….sheesh! For those sportsmen chasing waterfowl in the northern states, these might be a must have item. The 8mm four way stretch CR flex foam construction of these boots ensures they remain comfortable despite their astounding thermal characteristics. The topline binding is effective at keeping the elements out and your body heat in. The molded synthetic outsole is what makes these boots feel so solid on your feet. Furthermore, the Achilles, instep and heel are double reinforced for added durability. For an affordable pair of hunting boots to keep you warm and dry in the most viscous of conditions, this is the pair to buy

Price: $107.01 – $234.99

Buy the Muck Boots Men’s Arctic Pro Hunting Boot here.


  • Provide excellent warmth for such a lightweight boot
  • Hunter reviews insist these boots come on and off easily
  • Quite an affordable option in hunting footwear considering the quality here
  • Perform well on snow and ice


  • Don’t provide the height of some taller hip boots if complete waterproofing is what you’re looking for (see boots #6 — #10)
  • Aren’t ideal for busting through terrain that could potentially puncture neoprene

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4. Irish Setter Men’s Vaprtrek Waterproof 8″ Hunting Boot

irish setter, hunting, hunting boots, waterproof boots

Irish Setter

These boots by Irish Setter are seriously badass. This model is built very much like an athletic shoe while still retaining the toughness and function of a hunting boot. The RPM technology employed in building the composite sole of this boot makes it far lighter than other comparable hunting boots. Irish Setter claims this model is around 40% lighter than other big game hunting boots — quite a difference! There’s no real insulation with this option because the idea here is to have a lightweight and highly mobile boot. These will keep you warm enough with a toasty pair of socks but for real cold weather hunting you’re going to want something a bit more insulated. The UltraDry waterproofing system however will no doubt keep your feet dry and happy — hunters swear by this boot for avoiding wetness while in the field. Irish Setter has included their ScentBan technology with this boot as well — the treatment is added to various materials throughout the boot to kill odor causing bacteria and keep your scent to a minimal. For around $150 I think these boots are a great value — they out compete a ton of more expensive options. The mobility and performance of the Vaprtreks is tough to top if you’re looking for a pair of boots for early season hunting.

Price: $134.95 – $154.99

Buy the Irish Setter Men’s Vaprtrek Waterproof 8″ Hunting Boot here.


  • RPM Composite Sole Technology makes these boots far lighter than most competitors
  • Irish Setter has crafted these boots with “ScentBan” technology for killing odor causing bacteria and trapping your scent
  • Feels like an athletic shoe, performs like a hunting boots
  • Very reasonably priced


  • No added insulation for cold weather hunting — these are more for early season hunting but will still keep you toasty for winter hunting with a good pair of socks

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5. Best Hunting Boot for Hiking: KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid WP Hiking Boot

keen, hunting boots, hunting, lightweight hunting boots


Ok, so these technically aren’t hunting boots, but they absolutely deserve a place on this list. The Targhee II’s by KEEN are a killer option for chasing game in scenarios where you need to cover a lot of ground quickly. I’ve owned this line of boots by KEEN for a few years now for use hiking and backpacking and they have served me great! The all day comfort of the Targhee’s is what in my opinion makes them so suitable for hunting. It’s a very lightweight boot at just 17 ounces and provides some excellent cushion for your feet. These are a great choice for days in the field where you’re doing a lot of walking or hiking. I can’t think of a better pair of boots for stalking upland game or deer around agricultural land. This line by KEEN is renowned for it’s “ready to wear” comfort — there’s next to no break in required. KEEN recommends buying half a size larger than you’re used to because these tend to run jut a bit small. The Targhee’s are pretty dam tough in addition to being both lightweight and inherently comfortable. The rubber sole construction with treated leather uppers makes for a boot that can handle a beating. Additionally, the uppers to these boots are low profile with added ghillie lacing for a snug and secure fit. You’re gonna want to wear these boots everywhere — they have a cool and tough look that’s suitable for both the wilderness and everyday use. If you like the idea of owning a pair of boots that are excellent but not exclusive to hunting — then check out the Targhee II’s.

Price: $119.95 – $250.65

Buy the KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid WP Hiking Boot here.


  • Very light weight
  • Almost no break in required
  • KEEN dry technology keeps your feet dry through most conditions — just avoid stepping over the ankle line
  • These are very versatile boots you’ll want to wear for all sorts of uses


  • There is little insulation with these boots — don’t plan on using them in the extreme cold

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6. Most Versatile Water Proof Knee Boots: Bogs Men’s World Slam Waterproof Hunting Boot

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The World Slam Hunting Boot by Bogs is no doubt another crowd favorite. Hailed by spring turkey hunters as the perfect boot, this model is suitable for all sorts of other hunting as well. These boots are literally built on a running platform, so they won’t feel like most other knee boots. The bottom-up support here makes it feel almost like you have a laced boot on. The ankle-fit construction coupled with instep reinforcement allows you to truly run comfortably (and safely) in these boots. The materials used are synthetic and fabric and the interior lining is both moisture wicking and lightly insulated. These boots are fairly warm, but when paired with some high performance socks they become seriously insulating and toasty. I personally like this amount of insulation — it keeps the boot from getting too heavy (these are 1.85 pounds per boot) and also gives you the option to endure plummeting temps with the right socks on. This is a highly responsive and versatile hunting option that will be up for whatever you’re wilderness adventures entail. Bogs is a favorite among hunters for good reason — their boots although pricey are quality made and built to last. A superior fit crafted from superior materials, the World Slam Waterproof Hunting Boots are a killer option for all sorts of hunts.

Price: $148.76 – $199.95

Buy the Bogs Men’s World Slam Waterproof Hunting Boot here.


  • These boots are built on a running platform so they feel pretty sporty underfoot
  • These boots don’t have the added weight of heavy insulation but with warm socks these are a very toasty option


  • These boots seem to run just a bit large — be aware when buying

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7. Best Boots for Cold & Warm Weather Hunting: The Original Muck Boots Adult Wetland Boot

muck boot, hunting boots, muck boots, hunting, knee boots, neoprene boots

Muck Boot

I really like this pair of wetland boots by Muck Boot. These are a great lightweight option for both warm and cold weather hunting. These are versatile hunting boots that can serve all kinds of purposes. There’s a ton of hunter reviews for these boots raving about their performance turkey, deer and duck hunting. If you’re highly mobile while hunting waterfowl and need a pair of boots to get around comfortably in, these are a reliable and affordable option. Alternatively, if you are mostly stationary in your duck boat or blind while hunting — why suit up in a full pair of heavy chest waders when you could wear a simple pair of boots like these? These boots are 16.5 inches tall, so they don’t have the height of some other taller boots, but depending on your hunting style these could be ideal for you. The outer sole is built with traction in mind and according to hunter reviews sheds mud and muck nicely. These are very comfortable boots — they employ a breathable airmesh lining and instep protector so you’re not thinking about your feet while hunting. The insulation and breathability of these boots makes them suitable for both temperatures above 70 degrees F and below sub-freezing! You want to make sure you fit snug into these boots for them to insulate properly and to ensure they pull nicely out of the muck. The versatility of these wetland boots makes them an excellent piece of gear to own for the avid duck hunter or sportsmen in general.

Price: $96.00 – $213.18 (sale prices available on select options)

Buy the The Original Muck Boots Adult Wetland Boot here.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Suitable for warm and cold weather — these are your “one boot fits all” for various hunting scenarios
  • The tops fold nicely if you want to lower them
  • Well made soles for traction


  • Although built tough — I wouldn’t go barreling through any brambles or jagged terrain with these boots
  • Can be tight around the calf for hunters with particularly thick legs

Find more The Original Muck Boots Adult Wetland Boot information and reviews here.

8. Best All Purpose Hunting Boots: LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18″ Hunting Boot

lacrosse, hunting, hunting boots, knee boots, turkey hunting boots


Here’s my top pick on this list. If I could only own one pair of hunting boots this would be it. The waterproofing, insulation, support and price tag of these boots make them awesome for any style hunter. These are lightweight knee boots that are built for trekking as well as wet conditions. The construction is hand-laid premium rubber over a 3.5mm neoprene core — it combines the toughness of rubber with the insulating effect of neoprene for a rugged and warm boot. The heel and toe are even multi-layered for some added durability. There’s an embossed liner for keeping good air flow within the boot as well as for wicking moisture so it doesn’t get too muggy in there. LaCrosse has created a product here that you can hunt all four seasons in. There’s lug soles on these boots so they don’t feel like any old pair of rubber boots. These are designed to handle some rugged terrain and won’t betray you when navigating the obstacles of the great outdoors. The adjustable neoprene gusset is what so many hunters love most about this boots. It makes putting these boots on and pulling them off a breeze, and it also provides plenty of added calf space for hunters with particularly thick legs. For a boot in this price range I’m not sure this model by LaCrosse can be beat.

Price: $111.97 – $187.53

Buy the LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18″ Hunting Boot here.


  • Lug soles provide some excellent traction that feels like you’re wearing a laced boot
  • The embossed liner boosts air circulation within the boot, wicks moisture and dries quick
  • The adjustable neoprene gusset makes these boots a breeze to take on and off and comfortable to wear for hunters of all sizes
  • Multi-layered rubber throughout the design of these boots gives them some added durability


  • It seems like the foot bed is a bit narrow for some hunters — maybe consider buying a half size bigger

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9. Best Lightweight Wetland Boots: NRS Boundary Shoe

nrs, hunting boots, wetland boot, duck hunting, hunting


If you’re hunting waterfowl in less gnarly terrain and don’t require the height of chest waders then this is a perfectly suitable option that will cost you next to nothing. The Boundary Shoe by NRS has a traction outsole ideal for mud and sand and is absolutely a warm boot — but don’t plan on bringing these boots out into icy conditions as they are fairly puncture prone. I’ve owned a pair of these boots for two seasons now for use kayaking in coastal salt marshes. The boots have a simple design that employs an instep strap, but they stay put on your feet great in the muck. Mine have unfortunately punctured and now have a slow leak after two seasons of use, but I wade around a lot of rigged, sharp marsh vegetation that must have damaged them. If you hunt in settings that are mostly muddy, sandy or rocky then you won’t have to worry about puncturing these boots. The soles are quite supportive and employ a 2mm plastic shim to protect your feet from sharper points on the ground (the puncture risk is in the body of the boot, not the soles). Aside from the risk of puncture, these boots are pretty dam durable — 5mm and 7mm neoprene with double taped seams makes for a tough boot. Where these boots really excel is how easy they come on and off and how weightless they feel while trekking. For a pair of budget duck hunting boots, there’s nothing wrong with these at all as long as you don’t try and use them in the wrong places!

Price: $89.95

Buy the NRS Boundary Shoe here.


  • Super affordable option for wetland hunting boots
  • Very lightweight and flexible due to the neoprene construction
  • These boots feel like they’re not even there — definitely an awesome choice for hunts where you’re doing a lot of moving around


  • The neoprene construction makes these boots unsuitable for cold weather hunting around prolific frozen terrain and ice — they are fairly prone to puncture
  • The traction on these boots although adequate doesn’t compare to higher end hunting boots

Find more NRS Boundary Shoe information and reviews here.

10. Most Rugged Pair of Hip Boots: LaCrosse Men’s Trapline Hip Waders

lacrosse, hunting, hunting boots, hip boots, duck hunting


Here’s a top notch pair of hip boots by Lacrosse. This heavy duty, rubber pair of boots are a seriously tough option in wading. If you plan on mostly staying in your duck boat or blind and remaining above waist deep in marsh muck or creek water, then these boots could be a great choice for you. The weight on these monsters is pretty high, so you likely won’t want to trek terribly far in them, but then again customer reviews insist the fit is excellent with these boots so you can probably get away with walking a decent distance depending on who you are. If you’re hunting on firm marshland or open fields, the Traplines are not to be overlooked. These boots are insulated with a wool felt lining, so they’re pretty toasty in cold water and weather conditions. The removable EVA footbed can be added for additional cushioning, making this pair of boots truly comfortable throughout long days of hunting. There’s a simple lacing system that secures the boots at the waist, but customer reviews claim the rigidity of the rubber allows these boots to stand up just fine on their own without the need for straps. The ‘Trac-lite’ outsole is renowned for the all around traction it provides in almost any terrain. These are a tough pair of hip boots that can be used for a whole lot more than just hunting. If you’re looking for the Cadillac of waist-wading, look no further than the Trapline Hip Waders.

Price: $154.95 – $156.00

Buy the LaCrosse Men’s Trapline Hip Waders here.


  • Wool-felt lining provides some toasty insulation for cold water and weather
  • Boot soles are renowned for their traction in mud, snow and loose terrain
  • The toughness of these boots are unmatched — the rubber construction is seriously rugged
  • There’s a metal plate molded into the soles — so these could even double as aquatic work boots


  • Due to the heavy duty rubber construction, these hip boots are definitely on the heavier side

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