Top 5 Best Tree Stands for Deer Hunting for 2018

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Tree stand hunting is no doubt one of the most awesome styles to hunt deer. Being invisible in the wilderness is something we as humans seldom experience. Getting above the ground and disguising your tree stand and yourself is incredibly rewarding when the nature surrounding you resumes its normal behavior and you go unnoticed by the forest. There’s nothing more exciting than when a deer walks into your sight line after a day of waiting patiently.

Finding the right tree stand suited for where you hunt is worth while. There’s a few different styles out there that assemble and erect differently — some portable, some more permanent. Some tree stands are built for long term comfort while others are designed to go anywhere in the wilderness you do. Regardless of what your favorite style of tree stand is, make sure you’re practicing hunter safety and always wearing a harness and setting up on a safe, suitable tree.

We’ve put together a brief, top five list of some top quality, yet affordable tree stands for this hunting season. Consider what sort of stand will match your hunting grounds the best and gear up for this deer season with a reliable tree stand that you’ll own for years.

1. Best Solo Ladder Tree Stand: Guide Gear 21 Foot Jumbo Ladder Tree Stand

guide gear, tree stand, deer hunting, ladder stand

Guide Gear

Here’s an excellent ladder stand for the solo hunter. This 21 foot ladder stand has a lot of height for woodlands where you might need to get particularly high up in the canopy. The rugged steel construction and the hardware employed with the design is very durable and built to last season after season. This model has a 300 pound weight limit, pretty standard amongst tree stands. The platform is 24 by 25 inches for some decent space once you’re up there. The shooting rail incorporated into the design is totally awesome — it not only gives you a place to fire your weapon from, but gives you another hand hold and a place to secure gear when you’re shifting around up on that platform. The flip-up footrest is a great added touch — it’s there when you need it and out of your way when you want to maximize the platform space. All the washers are silent to ensure you don’t startle any game. The padding on the seat and arm rests are also designed to be silent, making for a pretty stealthy tree stand. It might seem like any old ladder and platform would do fine for use as a tree stand, but the exceptional hearing of deer allows them to hear you creaking and shifting on a unit not designed for low noise output. Guide Gear has an awesome and surprisingly affordable unit here that is perfect for the solo hunter who wants to erect a highly effective and comfortable stand for the season.

Price: $139.99 & Free Shipping (30 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Guide Gear 21 Foot Jumbo Ladder Tree Stand here.


  • Shooting rail is great for taking aim with your rifle as well as for use as a hand rail and to secure gear to
  • Quite affordable
  • This stand is designed to be silent while you’re in it
  • Rugged steel construction is built to last


  • It’s a bit heavy and challenging to set up alone, but that speaks to this stand’s durability

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2. Best Highly Portable Tree Stand: Summit Treestands Viper SD Climbing Treestand

summit treestands, tree stand, hunting, deer hunting, climbing

Summit Treestands

Here’s a highly portable tree stand for the off the beaten path deer hunter. Climbing tree stands are super convenient for hunting hard to reach places and for hunting one spot one day and another the next. This unit weighs a seriously impressive total of 20 pounds and has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. It’s about as lightweight as a tree stand can get and even conveniently mounts to your back for easy trekking to your favorite hunting spot or to somewhere new in the landscape. Summit also makes a highly comparable but slightly more robust stand — the Goliath SD, that has a 350 pound weight limit and only weighs one pound extra than the Viper SD. The full perimeter frame of this stand allow you to both sit down and stand up while hunting, so although this is a compact and portable unit it’s still a versatile platform and seat to hunt from. The front bar allows for easy climbing and also doubles as a gun rest. Summit has even filled certain parts of the platform with a custom engineered foam for reducing noise while shifting on the stand to maximize noise control — pretty cool! The silent foam padded seat can be raised for bow hunting and lowered for gun hunting making this stand truly versatile for any style hunter. Summit also sells a “surround seat” for their climbing tree stands that provides even more comfort and some added protection from the elements if fighting the cold is a constant battle where you hunt. Even though this stand is meant to be portable and trekked with, you’ll find it to be very comfortable and will likely want to use it over other, more permanent tree stands.

The “Quickdraw” cable retention system might be what makes this climbing stand such a favorite amongst hunters. It’s renowned for being an exceptionally simple, fast and quiet cable system that doesn’t include any additional hardware. You simply size the cable to the tree diameter, insert it into retention bracket and the Quickdraw trigger will lock into place. To remove the stand you just pull the trigger — it’s a really neat system that is both effective and safe. Summit also has equipped this stand with their ergonomically designed “Rapidclimb” climbing stirrups for keeping any size boot secured to the platform while climbing. The tough aluminum construction of this stand is built to last a lifetime, but Summit has none the less covered this product with a five year limited warranty. As a portable climber, Summit has made a reliable and rugged product here that can accommodate for just about any deer hunting style. Roam the wilderness and hunt where you want to with the Viper SD.

Price: $254.98 & Free Shipping (12 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Summit Treestands Viper SD Climbing Treestand here.


  • Super lightweight (20 pounds) and portable with a back mounting carry system
  • A climbing stand you can both sit and stand in
  • Treated with sound dampening foam and hardware for a seriously silent stand
  • Summit’s Quickdraw cable system is renowned amongst hunters for its simplicity and safety


  • A few complaints about paint chipping from the footrest

Find more Summit Treestands Viper SD Climbing Treestand information and reviews here.

3. Guide Gear 13′ Deluxe Tripod Deer Stand

guide gear, tree stand, tripod tree stand, deer, hunting

Guide Gear

If you hunt deer in areas with sparse trees then it’s worth owning a tripod stand. A lot of hunters wisely choose to hunt from the tree line of agricultural land or woodland openings — but there’s absolutely opportunities to hunt from a stand out in the open. If you conceal your tripod stand in Guide Gear’s specially made hunting blind then you can really add to your stealth factor and not feel so exposed. With or without a blind, you’ll find there’s plenty of places that are great for setting up a stand like this.

Guide Gear has equipped this tripod stand with a silent, 360 degree swiveling seat — so don’t worry about anything coming up behind you. I think the ability to survey the landscape all the way around your stand rather than only in front of it gives you a huge advantage. It’s all about setting this stand up in the right spot — if you can be both out in the open and properly concealed then you’ve got countless shooting lanes for whatever comes your way. The platform on this unit is 34 by 34 inches, so there’s some decent space to stretch out and stay comfortable with this one. The assembly is a piece of cake and very intuitive, but you might want the help of a friend because of the bulk and weight of some of the parts. Once you locate the ideal space to set up, you’ll find the perfect height to secure the six-position adjustable legs — uneven ground is not a problem for this stand. At full height, this stand really gets you above the ground for some great visibility. Guide Gear has created an excellent stand here for a variety of hunting opportunities — hunt without trees or try a different style of woodland hunting with this versatile and dependable unit.

Price: $174.99 & Free Shipping

Buy the Guide Gear 13′ Deluxe Tripod Deer Stand here.


  • Awesome stand for hunting in open habitat or for having 360 degrees of hunting ability
  • Quite affordable
  • Comfortable seat and spacious platform
  • Can be set up on uneven ground because of the adjustable legs


  • Some heavy, bulky parts — set up is very simple and intuitive but reviews say it’s challenging physically to erect on your own

Find more Guide Gear 13′ Deluxe Tripod Deer Stand information and reviews here.

4. Best Two-Man Ladder Stand: Ameristep 15-Feet Two Man Ladder Stand

ameristep, hunting, treestand, two man treestand, deer


If you like to hunt with a buddy or want to get your kid up in your stand with you, here’s a top notch two-man ladder stand by Ameristep. Having a partner while hunting can be a lot of fun, (and practical) and bringing your child into the wilderness to experience a deer hunt has the potential to get them hooked for life. I think two-man stands are an awesome way to get youth involved in hunting — it’s the perfect setting for a youngster to watch and learn.

This is a very straight forward, but high performing stand. The height (15 ft) is great for most woodlands and the space on the platform is more than adequate. You might consider using this tree stand on your own if you like to really sprawl out while hunting. The weight capacity is 500 pounds, so this stand should have no problem accommodating for you and a pal. There’s not many quality tree stands in the $100 range, so this two-man unit is truly a steal. It’s assembly is simple and intuitive and the construction is both sturdy and built to last. This is a somewhat permanent stand that you probably won’t want to move around for the season once erected. The seat and shooting rail are padded for comfort and noise suppression and all the washers and hardware used are also designed to be silent. Ameristep even includes two safety harnesses with this purchase — that’s a lot of added value! This is a simple no frills but highly effective tree stand. If you need a stand that will last season after season and want to have the option to bring a companion hunting, then you can’t beat the quality and value of this stand.

Price: $159.99 & Free Shipping (9 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Ameristep 15-Feet Two Man Ladder Stand here.


  • SUPER affordable!
  • Great stand for hunting with a partner or for having some extra space while hunting alone
  • Includes two safety harnesses!
  • Hardware employed is designed for maximum noise control


Find more Ameristep 15-Feet Two Man Ladder Stand information and reviews here.

5. Best Affordable Hang On Stand: Summit Treestands Peak Hang On Stand

summit treestands, tree stand, hang on stand

Summit Treestands

Here’s a very affordable hang on stand by Summit for setting up in almost any setting. The beauty of this type of stand is that you can set up as high as you want. If you need to be 25 or 30 feet up in order to get the shooting lane you want — no problem. This is another seriously comfortable stand by Summit, it has the same comfort-engineered swing seat employed on the previously mentioned Viper SD. The lumbar support and cushioned seating enable you to last all day in your stand without becoming uncomfortable.

The platform is an oversized 25 by 35 inches for some extra confidence while in your stand. The construction is a folding frame made from powder coated steel. It’s a bit heavier than aluminum, but built seriously tough, At 28 pounds this stand is still highly portable and far from cumbersome. Summit includes a full-body fall arrest harness system with all the necessary hardware making this an even greater valued purchase. You’ll need a ladder system for getting up to this stand once it’s set up — consider these top quality 25 foot climbing sticks also by Summit for a stealthy option or this shorter, tree friendly option for a more affordable option. This stand is engineered to put you anywhere in the canopy in comfort and confidence — an ideal tree stand for the deer hunter who wants to hunt a few different spots per season.

Price: $159.99 & Free Shipping

Buy the Summit Treestands Peak Hang On Stand here.


  • Set up your stand at any height — no limitations means finding the ideal shooting lane
  • Super comfortable and top reviewed seat
  • Includes a safety harness
  • Oversized platform


  • This stand has no shooting rail
  • You will need to pair this stand with a ladder system or climbing sticks if you don’t already own them

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