10 Best Hunting Blinds: Your Buyer’s Guide

best hunting blinds

Using a hunting blind is its own style of hunting. Setting up a ground blind in wait of a deer or turkey can be an incredibly exciting waiting game while lying down in your duck blind will keep you toasty, comfortable and concealed between all the action. If you’re not familiar with using a blind in the field, consider how and where you might use one.

Whatever type of game you’re pursuing, there’s an effective hunting blind application for you.

Leaving a few different blinds throughout your hunting grounds is something a lot of hunters practice — that way you can choose where to hunt and already be set up. Considering how affordable a lot of these units are, having a few different blinds out in the landscape is cost effective even for the strapped-for-cash-hunter.

One pro tip I always recommend and want to mention is when using a ground blind, bring along a piece of carpet that’s cut to the floor dimensions if your unit has no floor. This will reduce your noise output immensely and also keep your stool or chair from sinking. When using a coffin blind, don’t forget that your comfort comes first — modifying your blind for all day comfortability translates into greater success.

This list is broken down into two halves; the first five products are ground blinds for hunting terrestrial game while the second half is composed of blinds geared towards hunting waterfowl. There’s options suitable for multiple hunters, blinds meant to be highly portable and blinds that are built to be indestructible here.

We’ve included some top of the line options as well as some great value, more economic options so you can find just what you need and stay within your budget. Immerse into the wilderness this season and enjoy the comfort, storage and hunting advantage provided by the concealment of a new blind.

1. Best Spacious, Solo Ground Blind: Guide Gear Oversized Ground Hunting Blind

guide gear hunting blind

Guide Gear

Guide Gear makes an awesome oversized blind here for the larger hunter or for those who just prefer to have plenty of space. This large ground blind although seven feet tall with a five by five foot footprint will still carry nicely in the included backpack style carry case to your favorite hunting spot and sets up fast. The five hub style skeleton is both strong and lightweight — the whole unit weighing only 15 pounds.

There’s huge mesh windows on three sides of the blind that utilize black polyurethane backing to eliminate interior shadowing. They employ a grip-strip and elastic strap closure system for silent opening and closing. The windows are awesome to shoot from, but they are pretty high up on the blind so you will need a particularly tall stool or seat to shoot from a sitting position.

If you plan on shooting a bow from a standing position, this is the ideal blind that will allow you to stand as upright as you please. The 150-denier polyester shell adds serious durability to this blind — although it’s very easy to assemble and break down you can also leave this one out in the hunting grounds without worrying about its integrity.

There’s no floor to this unit — some hunters complain about mosquitos entering the blind from down low so keep that in mind depending on where you’re hunting. For an affordable and superior quality ground blind that’s designed for the over sized hunter, definitely start your search here.

Price: $99.99 & Free Shipping

Buy the Guide Gear Oversized Ground Hunting Blind here.

2. Best Value Two Man Ground Blind: Ameristep Care Taker Hub Blind (Realtree Xtra)

ameristep care taker blind


Here’s an awesome, budget blind by Ameristep that comes at a great cost without sacrificing quality. The Care Taker Hub Blind in Realtree Xtra camo print is a very standard, straight forward unit. This blind stands 66 inches tall and 69 inches wide so there’s a ton of space for a solo hunter and plenty of room for a pair.

The outer durashell plus fabric is totally durable and will stand up to some solid abuse as well as insects, wind and rain. This blind utilizes shoot-through mesh on 3 sides (the door is on the fourth side) so you have 360 degrees of shooting ability. There’s also a shadow guard coating within the blind against each window so you’re not casting a visible silhouette to the outside.

The frame is both structurally strong and a piece of cake to set up and break down — the hub system simply collapses. There’s a carry strap when the blind is broken down and hunter reviews insist this one is easy to move and assemble on your own. This is a great all around blind for deer or turkey hunting — it’s affordable, easy to assemble and performs like a lot of higher end models. All in all, this is an awesome value from Ameristep.

Price: $84.93 & Free Shipping

Buy the Ameristep Care Taker Hub Blind (Realtree Xtra) here.

3. Best Blind for Large Groups: Barronett Blinds Large Pentagon Hunting Blind

Barronett blinds pentagon


Here’s a big ol’ pentagonal ground blind for accommodating up to four hunters and their gear. This polyurethane unit by Barronett is built tough and surprisingly lightweight for such a large blind (only 20 pounds). It’s a hub blind that employs a fiberglass skeleton to remain so lightweight.

It carries fairly well once broken down using the included shoulder strap. The footprint totals to 41.5 square feet, so there’s truly ample space for you and all your hunting buddies to set up without being all over each other. This is a great blind for hunting with added gear like camera equipment or space heaters and is also very accommodating for wheelchairs. The ceiling is 72 inches tall at the center, so there’s very minimum crouching and ducking required for most hunters with this blind.

If you’re someone who guides other hunters, then you might consider the large amount of interior space this unit provides. Alternatively, if you plan on leaving a blind out in the wilderness for the season, the space this unit provides could really be set up for maximum comfort and gear capacity. This blind could be your home away from home when in the deep woods pursuing game.

There’s nine windows total for a panoramic view that offers a wide range of shooting angles. There’s countless possible configurations and shooting ports on all the main windows. The Blood Trail Back Woods camo pattern is a great base to add brush and further concealment to in a number of different environments.

Considering the size and thoughtful design of this woodsmen palace by Barronett, $200 is a very reasonable price to pay for this unit. Check out the attached video below for a closer look at some of this blind’s features. A large blind for group hunts or for really decking out for solo use — Barronett has come up with a killer product with this one.

Price: $199.74 & Free Shipping (13 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Barronett Blinds Large Pentagon Hunting Blind here.

4. Best Blind for Bow and Gun Hunting: Primos Double Bull Bullpen Ground Blind

primos ground blind


Here’s a high quality unit by Primos that’s bound to impress you. The Double Bull Bullpen Ground Blind is built with plenty of space for two hunters and sets up super easy. It’s another five-hub design that simply pops open once you find that perfect shooting lane. Check out the video below for a look at how easy this blind erects.

It’s also fairly portable — feel free to move this one around all you want. The interior is 70 inches across, so space is not a problem with this unit.

There’s silent slide windows on either side of the blind and a 180 degree full front view opening to shoot from. My one complaint about this blind is that you cannot shoot from the sides but only the front. 180 degrees certainly provides a wide range of shooting angles, but you will have to consider if where you’re hunting requires a greater range than that.

Where this blind excels is its durability and the style of the shooting window. The fabrics used are rock solid for season after season of use and the hub system is both tough as nails and designed simply to avoid issues. I find the front shooting window to be very effective for both bow and gun hunters — it allows you to point your weapon into open air rather than shooting from behind mesh.

This is of course a matter of personal preference, but I find that this style of shooting port is preferred by a lot of bow hunters in particular. The down side of this style is of course the limited range of shooting angles and the loss of complete scent control. That being said, this blind is tough to beat concerning durability, portability and assembly — those are some solid stats!

Overall, there’s definitely cheaper blinds that provide a wider range of shooting angles, but the build and quality of this unit by Primos will likely outlast and out hunt the competitors in the long run.

Price: $228.42 & Free Shipping

Buy the Primos Double Bull Bullpen Ground Blind here.

5. Best Budget Ground Blind: Ameristep Evolved Ingenuity Hunting Doghouse

ameristep dog house


This ground blind is probably my personal favorite included on this list. As a minimalist hunter, the concealment this blind provides in such a lightweight and portable package is more than adequate for me. The included carry bag makes trekking with this unit a total breeze; it’s only 12 pounds and secures to your back nicely when trekking. The polyester material is pretty dam tough, however it’s water resistant not water proof.

If you want to ensure you’ll stay dry in a downpour than simply apply some waterproofing spray to this unit annually — that will do the trick just fine! This blind is five feet across and five and a half feet tall, so it’s definitely a bit tight for two hunters but not by any means out of the question. As a solo bind, I find the Doghouse to be the perfect size.

Set up is super easy with this one, it simply ‘pops-up’ and then receives two tent-poles to add some structure and height to the ceiling. There’s also some tie downs included for if winds pick up or if you want to leave this bad boy out on the landscape longer term. I really like how effectively you can conceal this blind. Its smaller size allows it to tuck into tighter spaces than a lot of other blinds and the rounded rather than squared profile has more of a natural edge when you’re loading it up with brush and debris.

Furthermore, there’s already some three-dimensional leaf patterned ‘tassels’ attached to some of the corner points for disguising the edges of the blind. The shoot through mesh on three sides is pretty standard with this blind — it’s suitable for both bow and gun hunting. The black interior assists with shadow reduction and the polyester material of the blind itself will receive anti-scent sprays just fine making for a unit that can be as stealthy as you’d like.

Some hunters prefer to start a small, smoky fire within their blinds leaving just one window open for scent control. Smoke is a natural scent that won’t alarm game and lasts pretty long after just one application.

For the rugged, no frills hunter, this doghouse model by Ameristep is a totally effective and highly affordable option. Check this one out if you’re new to using a blind or consider buying a few for your favorite woodland if you already have some experience.

Price: $63.47 & Free Shipping (21 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Ameristep Evolved Ingenuity Hunting Doghouse here.

6. Best Affordable Coffin Blind: Guide Gear Deluxe Waterfowl Hunting Blind

guide gear coffin blind

Guide Gear

I love this lie-down waterfowl blind by Guide Gear. This is my preferred style of duck blind due to the comfort, concealment and portability it provides. This unit is built with high performance and ease of use in mind. The PVC bottom of this blind is crafted to be exceptionally heavy duty and waterproof so your bottom and back stay bone dry and safe from puncture all day long.

The padded lumbar support of this unit is rated well for both comfortability and shooting posture. The 300-denier polyester exterior shell is what shields from the elements and protects against wear and tear so effectively.

Reinforced corner stitching all the way around the blind further ensures this unit will hunt with you for years. In addition to the camo pattern already equipped with this blind, there’s 100 stubble straps for attaching brush, vegetation or whatever else you want to heighten your concealment!

This blind breaks down and carries very effectively too — the collapsible frame takes only a moment to erect. It might be a bit bulky if you have a hard time carrying heavy loads, but for the average hunter lugging this blind is no problem. The mesh window covering your face area is well built for visibility to the outside and concealment from the inside. The doors pop open with ease allowing for exciting camo-to-blamo shooting on every fly-by!

A great blind at an even greater price, you get more than you pay for with this one.

Price:$119.99 & Free Shipping

Buy the Guide Gear Deluxe Waterfowl Hunting Blind here.

7. Most Portable and Spacious Duck Blind: Delta Waterfowl Zero-Gravity Layout Blind

delta waterfowl duck blind

Delta Waterfowl

Here’s another great lie-down blind, this one from Delta Waterfowl. This unit employs a zero-gravity chair that keeps you off the ground rather than a waterproof bottom. It’s a neat design that definitely significantly reduces the weight of the blind overall. At just 23.5 pounds, it carries nicely when collapsed and includes strapping to conveniently wear as a backpack.

There’s virtually no assembly required — you just unfold it once you reach your hunting grounds. The flared sides not only have an awesome look that blends naturally into the landscape, but also allow for a lot more gear storage than traditional, lie-down duck blinds. Being able to pack everything you need and conceal it all effectively is no doubt a beautiful thing!

The included stakes for securing this blind to the ground are also particularly robust and even threaded for effectiveness in frozen ground. As far as really hiding this blind from above goes, there’s countless stubble straps throughout the design for attaching whatever the landscape offers.

You can really disappear in this thing with the proper attention to detail. Plenty of space, excellent comfort and exceptional concealment, this blind really has it going on!

Price: $231.84 — $279.99 & Free Shipping

Buy the Delta Waterfowl Zero-Gravity Layout Blind here.

8. Most Versatile Waterfowl Blind: Beavertail Final Attack Portable Pit Blind

beavertail portable pit blind


Alright, here’s a serious duck blind set-up for the serious duck hunter. If you have a need for getting out on the water while waterfowl hunting, then this is an awesome approach. This portable pit blind is designed to be both a coffin blind on land, and a mobile coffin blind on the water.

There’s great stability when floating so don’t worry about tipping over in rough water — it’s even stable enough to stand comfortably. You can paddle this unit, or attach a trolling motor if you want to minimize noise and energy output. It’s a pretty awesome blind for sneaking out to those hard to reach hunting spots.

You’re going to need to further conceal this unit in order to be truly low profile on the water or on land — Beavertail offers a full concealment cover designed specifically for this model. For $230, I find the cover for this unit to be a bit outrageously priced….you could buy a whole other blind for that money or certainly build your own camo-cover for far less.

If you have the money to spend then great, but if you’re on a budget than don’t worry about purchasing the cover specific to this unit — the design of the base makes it inherently easy to modify your own concealment just fine.

One accessory that is worth the money however is the padded backrest designed for use with this blind. Once you figure out a system for concealment and for comfort while hunting, the versatility of this blind is endless! There’s wheels on the back of this unit and spaces to secure a tow rope so you can slide and roll this bad boy across terrain with ease on your way to the water.

This is no doubt a pricey unit, but considering you can hunt virtually anywhere that there’s waterfowl and reach spots other hunters can’t, it’s still a pretty solid value!

Price: $599.99 & Free Shipping

Buy the Beavertail Final Attack Portable Pit Blind here.

9. Best Value Coffin Blind: Final Approach X-2 Blind

final approach duck blind

Final Approach

Here’s a great value coffin blind from Final Approach. The X-2 is another highly portable and comfortable unit that won’t break the bank. If you’re looking for something affordable that you can hike out to the marsh or field with easily and remain comfortable all day, then you’re looking at this model or the unit by Guide Gear located at number six on this list.

This blind carries particularly well — the attached backpack straps that reveal when broken down make it a breeze to load up and trek with. There’s no assembly required with this one either — the frame remains erect when broken down so you can simply drop it down and hop in!

This is an exceptionally low profile blind, you’re really close to the ground with this one allowing for maximum concealment. The closed cell foam that lines the interior shields from both wet and cold so you remain cozy for the duration of your hunt. The included head rest also adds some additional comfort stats to this unit — it truly comes ready to hunt without any modification.

One awesome feature of this blind that I really like is the built-in scabbard on the back of the unit when broken down. It has space to stow a shotgun, flags and shells so you can keep your hands free for carrying decoys or whatever else.

It’s a simple, yet mindful design that sets it apart from a lot of other competitors. For under $200, this is no doubt a killer waterfowl blind that will be the envy of your hunting buddies.

Price: $179.99 & Free Shipping

Buy the Final Approach X-2 Blind here.

10. Best Throwdown Blind: Ameristep Throwdown Blind

ameristep throw down blind


If you’re in need of some additional concealment while hunting but can’t afford an all-out blind this season, here’s a seriously affordable option that you can modify to perform just fine in a lot of hunting scenarios. This throwdown blind by Ameristep is a bare-bones approach to remaining hidden in the wilderness.

This unit is less than two pounds and rolls up to an impressively compact size of just 21 inches in length! It will pack easily and be there when you find that perfect spot to set up. For waterfowl hunting along shoreline this could be a great little blind to erect and add some brush to. There’s stakes integrated into the design so securing this unit takes no time or added parts. You can have this thing set up in less than 30 seconds!

The die-cut 3-D leafy panels provide some decent concealment as is — but you can really hide yourself with a little time and practice. The shooting height is about two feet; it’s a low blind that you can shoot over comfortably from a seated position. If you’re hunting some productive coastline or agricultural land with limited natural cover, why haul out a full coffin or ground blind when this unit will perform just fine?

When scent isn’t a factor this throwdown could be your new best friend. A lot of hunters use this unit for turkey hunting, but I see this working great for waterfowl hunts too. For $30 this blind by Ameristep might have you reconsidering how much of a hunting blind you really need out there.

Price: $29.99 & Free Shipping (25 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Ameristep Throwdown Blind here.

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