7 Best Solar Panel Backpacks: Your Buying Guide

solar panel backpack

Solar panel backpacks are a brilliant solution to charging your devices on the go. Usually utilized in an outdoors context, the applications of solar backpacks are nearly endless!

For those of you that want to better understand how exactly solar panels or photovoltaics work, check out this informative read.

Whether you need to charge your GPS while trekking in the backcountry, need some extra juice for your camera gear or drone while out filming or just want to power-up your smartphone between classes, a reliable solar backpack has you covered.

Our top list has compiled the best quality and value solar backpacks on the market for both charging and storage so you can select the option that best suits your needs.

A few things to consider:

  • Not all solar backpacks come included with a power bank for storing energy
  • Most USB powered devices require 5 volts to charge, so make sure the solar backpack you’re interested in has a voltage specification equal or greater to 5V
  • The charging ‘capacity’ of a power bank is measured in milliamp hours (mAh). A typical smartphone takes about 2,000mAh to charge
  • Voltaic Systems Array Solar Backpack Amazon Customer Reviews
    • Impressive 24,000mAh battery pack
    • 25 liters of storage
    • 2 year warranty
    Price: $299.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
    fanspack solar backpack
    • Great backpack for everyday use
    • External USB port for your devices
    • 5-watt Solar panel is removable
    Price: No price available Shop at amzn.to Shop now Read our review
    XTpower solar backpack Amazon Customer Reviews
    • 42 liters
    • Effective compression straps
    • Removable solar panel
    Price: $89.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
    sunnybag 15 liter solar backpack Amazon Customer Reviews
    • 15 liter size makes it a great daypack
    • 6-watt solar panel
    • Removable solar panel
    Price: $99.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
    eceen hydration solar backpack Amazon Customer Reviews
    • Low profile, sporty design
    • Includes a 1.8 hydration bladder/straw
    • 7-volt solar panel
    Price: $49.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
    Energizer PowerKeep Wanderer Solar Backpack Amazon Customer Reviews
    • 30 liters
    • 10,000mAh power bank included
    • Removable & repaceable solar panel
    Price: $101.94 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
    hanergy hiking solar backpack Amazon Customer Reviews
    • 5 volt dual USB ports
    • Chest and waist strapping
    • Foldable rainproof cover
    Price: $156.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
    Our Unbiased Reviews
    1. 1. Voltaic Systems Array Solar Backpack

      • Impressive 24,000mAh battery pack charges smart phones up to 7 times
      • 25 liters of storage
      • Laptop sleeve and internal schematic make this a great camera/tech bag
      • Highly water resistant fabric
      • 2 year warranty
      • Expensive option
      • Fairly heavy at 5.4 pounds and not very streamlined
      • No hip belt for assistance carrying heavy loads

      Ok, this big boy has some serious charging power. The Array Solar Backpack by Voltaic Systems features an impressive V88 Laptop Battery that stores 24,000mAh. That’s a lot of juice! The included power bank has USB, USB Type C and High voltage laptop outputs that can fully charge a laptop once or a smartphone seven times!  

      It utilizes three top quality, 3.5 Watt Monocrystalline Urethane Solar Panels with 19% efficiency.

      This is a fairly large solar backpack at 25 liters. The design might be a bit cumbersome, but it has a great internal packing schematic that’s perfect for organizing a lot of gear. This is a particularly great solar backpack for camera gear or drone flying equipment due to its surplus of compartments and pockets. A laptop sleeve is also present.

      It might be designed a bit clunky for use hiking and furthermore does not feature a hip belt for assistance carrying heavy loads, but this pack is tough as nails and resistant to water. The fabric is also UV resistant and interestingly built from PET, which is recycled soda bottles.

      If you’re a strong hiker, then trekking with this solar backpack shouldn’t be an issue, but outdoorsmen and women with smaller or lighter builds might want to consider a less bulky and more streamlined option. The lack of a hip belt is a big component here.  

      This pack is certainly on the expensive end, but that’s the price you pay for superior monocrystalline solar cells and such a high capacity power bank. Considering the fabrics are furthermore built to be tough as nails and that Voltaic Systems offers a two-year warranty, we still consider the Array Solar Backpack to be a solid value. 

      Check out the OffGrid Solar Backpack also by Voltaic systems if you like this option but want something just a bit less expensive and cumbersome. It also features 25-liters of packing space but includes a 12,000mAh power bank rather than a 24,000mAh one! This makes the pack more than a pound lighter and significantly less expensive! 

    2. 2. Fanspack Solar Powered Backpack with USB Charging Port

      Price: No price available
      • Great backpack for everyday use
      • External USB port for your devices
      • Solar panel is removable
      • Great price point
      • No power bank included
      • Quality of the fabrics and stitching is good, not great so don't go too hard on this bag
      • No chest or hip belt

      Here’s a lifestyle solar backpack for everyday use that’s perfect for your daily commute or school week. If you like the idea of going about your daily routine with a solar panel on your back in order to keep your phone, laptop and other devices charged, this is a great affordable option.

      There’s a 15.6 inch laptop sleeve built into the main compartment of this backpack as well as a nice array of internal pockets and compartments. There is unfortunately little external storage with this pack, it’s more of a work or school bag than a utility backpack for outdoor endeavors.

      the 5.3-watt solar panel is conveniently removable so you can place it directly in the sun when it’s not shining on your back. There is no power bank included so you’ll have to utilize your own. There is however a USB port on the side of the pack that enables you to directly charge your devices. 

      A standard backpack for standard use with a borderline incognito, removable solar panel – no doubt a great value option from Fanspack perfect for everyday use!

    3. 3. XTPower Hiking Solar Backpack with Removable Solar Panel

      • Removable solar panel
      • Water and tear resistant
      • Effective compression straps
      • Chest and hip belt
      • Strapping is not terribly comfortable
      • No power bank included
      • Some might not like the green aesthetic

      Here’s a solid, 42-liter hiking backpack from XTPower that will make a great trekking companion. This pack has ample storage, good organization potential and both chest and waist strapping for carrying heavy loads. The strapping and back panel might not be of the nicest quality, but this is still a great hiking pack that won’t let you down unless you really pack a lot of weight 

      The 6 volt, Monocrystalline solar panel on this unit is conveniently detachable so you can move it to catch the most direct sunlight. You’ll need to utilize your own power bank if you plan on storing solar energy with this bag as there is not one included. 

      It’s a bit large for everyday use, so consider this more of an outdoors pack. There’s a nice array of both internal and external zippered pockets and compartments.

      This bag is just 1.8 pounds but still built durably with water and tear resistant fabrics. XTPower has built this pack to last. For the outdoorsmen and women out there who need a solar charging companion, make sure to give this one a look!

    4. 4. SUNNYBAG Explorer+ Solar Backpack

      • 15 liter size makes it a great daypack
      • Removable solar panel
      • 6-watt solar panels are 22.4% efficient
      • Durable 600D polyester construction
      • Multiple color options
      • No power bank included
      • Fairly heavy at 2.2 pounds for a 15 liter pack
      • No waist or hip belt

      Here’s perhaps the ultimate solar daypack for packing light and staying charged! The Explorer+ Solar Backpack by SUNNYBAG is a 15-liter option offered in four different colors that’s built for both everyday use and the outdoors. 

      The 6-watt removable solar panel is 22.5% efficient and features a USB output. There is no power bank included, so you’ll have to use your own if you want to store energy. In strong, direct sunlight, the solar panel can directly charge a smartphone in about three hours, not too shabby! 

      The 600D polyester construction makes this solar backpack outdoors approved! It’s both abrasion and water resistant so you can hit the great outdoors in confidence. There are unfortunately no chest or waist straps, but considering this is just a 15-liter backpack, you shouldn’t need them! That being said, the internal and external pocket schematic is very mindfully designed, maximizing every bit of the 15-liters in play here.

      A stylish, hip option for work or play, the Explorer+ by SUNNYBAG is a great value, go to solar backpack for anyone and everyone! 

    5. 5. ECEEN Hydration Solar Backpack

      • Low profile, sporty design is great for hiking, biking and running
      • Includes a 1.8 hydration bladder/straw
      • 7-watt solar panel
      • Nice external storage and gear attachment points
      • Hip belt and chest strap keep this pack tight to your frame
      • Low internal capacity
      • No included power bank
      • The way the solar panel is fixed to the bag seperate from the main pack body seems less secure

      Here’s a killer solar backpack with an incorporated hydration bladder for active athletes. If you’re a cyclist, trail runner or hiker who likes to pack light and play hard, this is the solar backpack you’re looking for.

      The chest and waist strapping of this pack keep it slim-fit to your frame in order to keep you as low profile as possible. This is a brilliant solution for athletes that often need some juice for their devices in the field.  

      The 7-watt solar panel has a USB output and is perfect for keeping your phone or GPS unit charged while on the trail or while crushing road miles on your bike. It does not come included with a power bank, so you’ll have to use your own if you want to store power rather than charge your devices directly.

      The weatherproof PVC fabric used to construct this bag is resistant against abrasion and wetness, so this backpack should be around for years of use. Be mindful of the way the removable solar panel is connected to the bag, it’s separate from the main pack body so if you’re not mindful it could potentially tear.

      Although this is a tiny hydration pack, ECEEN has built this model with a great array of internal and external storage. There’s a side pocket, zippered compartment on the hip belt and even some gear tabs for securing gear and gadgets to the outside of the pack.

      All in all, a well built solar backpack with great quality photovoltaics and strapping as well as a brilliant design that maximizes gear capacity! 

    6. 6. Energizer PowerKeep Wanderer Solar Backpack

      • 10,000mAh power bank included
      • Removable & repaceable solar panel
      • 30 liters of packing space is spacious without being bulky
      • Great for regular use or for the outdoors
      • Weather and abrasion resistant fabrics
      • Fairly expensive
      • Quality of the strapping is not particularly great
      • Some might not like the boring aesthetic

      Didn’t know Energizer made backpacks? Don’t sleep on the PowerKeep Wanderer Solar Backpack – it’s one of the best value and most versatile bags included on this list!

      This is a 30-liter, mid-sized backpack great for work or play. Its durable construction, strapping and gear capacity make this a great hiking or camping bag, but the aesthetic is also adequate for regular everyday use. The solar panel is also removable so you can pop it off on days you don’t need it, or even upgrade it later down the road if you choose to.

      The solar panel has a micro USB output rather than the standard USB output typical of most solar backpacks. This may seem a bit odd, but Energizer has included a nice quality 10,000mAh power bank with this bag in order to hold the energy taken in by the solar panel. The power bank is where you can locate your USB port – in fact, there’s two of them! It’s a slightly different style of converting solar energy into usable power, but considering Energizer has included the power bank, we won’t complain.

      The weather and abrasion resistant fabric used to build this pack paired with the relatively heavy-duty strapping give it a long expected lifespan, so plan on owning this solar backpack for a while. Its durability just might outlast the solar panel, so it’s a good thing that you can remove and replace the photovoltaics if you choose to!  

      A great value option for the trail or your daily commute, it’s no wonder the PowerKeep Wanderer is a crowd favorite!

    7. 7. Hanergy Hiking Solar Backpack

      • 5-volt dual USB ports
      • Foldable rainproof cover
      • Chest and waist strapping (with pockets on hip belt) for assistance carrying heavier loads
      • 12 month warranty
      • Several color options available
      • Does not include a power bank
      • Expensive option
      • Solar panel is not removable

      Here’s an awesome hiking backpack with an incorporated solar panel from Hanergy. This pack is built with some great quality strapping as well as a chest strap and hip belt for trekking. The abrasion resistant material of the pack body and foldable/hideable full rain cover furthermore make this a killer option for the trail.

      This solar panel is unfortunately not removable, but it’s impressively flexible and lightweight. It features a dual USB port, each of which is 5 volts. Having two USB ports is underrated, you and a friend can both charge at the same time, or always keep your personal powerbank charging whether you’re charging a separate device or not.

      This solar backpack comes with a laptop compartment, water bottle holder and nice array of internal and external organization. It’s easy to clip gear to this pack externally, and the zippered pocket located within the hip belt is perfect for keys and other small items. 

      There are a few color options to choose from, and Hanergy even includes a 12-month warranty so you can buy in confidence. 

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