Heybike Tyson Review: A Beefy Foldable E-Bike

Heybike Tyson review

So, you’re in the market for a new e-bike, and you’ve got your eyes on the Heybike Tyson Class-3. Well, you’re in luck because I’ve been riding this beefy boy for a while now, and I’ve got some thoughts to share. See my Heybike Tyson review below to find out if this bike is worth buying.

(A Heybike Tyson review unit was provided for an honest review)

Heybike Tyson Key SPECS:

Price: $1,599
Motor: 750w
Gears: Shimano 7-Speed
Brakes: Hydraulic Discs
Battery: 48V 15Ah
Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
Top Speed: “28” MPH
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When it comes to price, the Tyson is relatively affordable at $1,599 at the time of writing this, especially when compared to other Class-3 e-bikes that look this good. So, if you’re budget-conscious, this one’s worth considering.

First off, let’s talk about the unboxing experience. This thing comes packed like it’s ready to survive a zombie apocalypse. Foam wrapping, zip ties—you name it, it’s there. And, the box includes every tool you’ll need for assembly. Cool.

If you’re even a little bit handy, you’ll have this bike up and running in about 30 minutes like I did. But heads up, the box is an unwieldy beast and weighs nearly 80 pounds. So, maybe call a friend or flex those muscles when you’re moving it around. Don’t be a hero, you know?

heybike tyson fully assembled

Fully assembled Tyson leaning on its kickstand.

Once assembled, the Heybike Tyson is a zippy little machine. Now, the company claims it can hit speeds of up to 28mph, but the fastest I managed was 23.2mph. After that, the bike started to decelerate on its own, regardless of the terrain—even when I was going downhill. Yes, I’m a ~260-pound man, but the weight limit on this thing is four bills, so I should be able to hit top speed. Still, I wouldn’t let that deter you; it’s still a blast to ride.

What I really love about this bike is its versatility. Whether you’re cruising through city streets or tackling dirt trails, the Tyson has got you covered. The dual suspension system is super effective, making for a smooth ride on all kinds of surfaces. I took it on pavement, on dirt, in grass, through muddy trails, on wet streets and it was able to hold its own with zero issue. Again, the Heybike Tyson is super versatile.

headlight bright

My headlight brightness test.

Safety-wise, the hydraulic brakes are top-notch. I also have to give a shoutout to the headlight, which is brighter than a Broadway marquee. Seriously, it’s even brighter than the one on the even beefier RATTAN Quercus, making for a much better night-riding experience.

Aesthetically, this e-bike is a looker. It’s got a sporty, sleek design and sits on two beefy fat tires, adding a touch of ruggedness to its overall appearance. It’s like the love child of a road bike and a mountain bike, and I’m here for it. It also has great color options, and all of them look great. I received the Navy Blue one with a racing-inspired white paint strip, and if you look at the tires you’ll notice they have, essentially, what are blue wall tires. (Is Blue Wall a thing? Should be).

The Heybike Tyson is foldable, but let me tell you, folding this thing is no walk in the park. I consider myself a pretty strong dude, and even I struggled. But once you get past the wrestling match, it fits nicely in the back of a car—I managed to squeeze it into my Hyundai Kona’s relatively tiny trunk without any issues.

Charging the battery is quick, taking about four hours, and the bike has a decent range of around 55 miles. So, you can go on some pretty long rides without worrying about running out of juice. To charge the battery, you first need to take it out of the bike, which requires you to unfold the bike and pull the battery out of its shell; the battery slides right out.

Now, let’s talk tech. The Tyson has an app that lets you do all sorts of cool stuff—turn the bike on and off, auto-lock it, track your journey, and even count the calories you’ve burned. I was skeptical at first, but connecting the bike to the app was a breeze.

The biggest issue I’ve had with the Tyson is with the steering column coming loose. Even after tightening it as much as humanly possible, it still managed to loosen up during my rides. The first time it happened, I had to walk the bike home from two miles away. So, if you decide to go for this bike, keep those included tools handy.

heybike tyson review

Shown: Heybike Tyson at night.  Not shown: Pickleball courts to the left of that sidewalk.

Final Thoughts

The Heybike Tyson e-bike is a versatile, fun-to-ride e-bike with a lot to offer. It’s not without its quirks, but if you’re willing to roll the dice on the steering column issue, it’s a solid choice for both urban commuting and off-road adventures. Just remember to keep those tools close by, and you’ll be good to go and having fun while cruising the brightly-lit night streets.

  • Sporty x Rugged Look
  • Fits in Small Trunks
  • Quick Charging
  • Easy Assembly
  • 400-pound weight limit
  • Bright Headlight
  • Steering Column Slowly Loosens
  • Heavy
  • Awkward to Fold/Unfold

Our Review: 3.5 out of 5.0 Stars

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