Top 10 Best Kong Dog Toys (2018)

best kong dog toys

KONG is seen as the creme de la creme of dog toys, with canines going crazy for the company’s high quality, durable and virtually indestructible toys. What makes KONG toys so great? The company uses their own proprietary, pet-safe rubber that is built to stand up to the tough teeth of man’s best friend, and customers recognize that the quality of KONG dog toys is unmatched at the store.

The company has many different types of toys for dogs, and many of their products come in various sizes to accommodate all sorts of breeds. (So, don’t worry, your little Corgi can find a toy to fit his tiny little mouth). Not sure which ones are worth your money? Are you afraid your dog is going to destroy their brand new thing? We’ve got you covered — here are the top 10 best kong dog toys (check out our list of the best large dog beds for sale also):

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1. Air-Dog Squeakair Birthday Balls

kong dog toys

This is a bouncy and fun birthday tennis ball dog toy which will turn any dog’s birthday into a success. The toy is made from non-abrasive tennis ball fabric which will not tear down dog’s teeth. Every squeakier unit is recessed with rubber and enclosed with tennis ball fabric as a safety precaution. The colourful versions of the popular Kong Air Dog Squeakair Tennis Balls are emblazoned with a logo- ‘Happy Birthday’ and they are three in total in a single package. This toy is the best for the dogs which love fetching.

Price: $15.97

Buy the Air-Dog Squakair birthday balls here.

2. Classic Kong Dog Toy

best kong dog toys

For over 36 years now, the Kong Classic has been the gold standard for all dog toys. The super-springy, red natural rubber compound is unrivalled for dogs that love to chew. Filling healthy treats into a Kong keeps the dog happily working and out of trouble for a longer period of time. In a dog, separation anxiety kicks in normally 20 minutes after you have left it alone. To solve this type of anxiety, help the dog to create a positive association between being left alone and nice stuff, for instance, a treated-stuffed Kong. Filling a Kong toy with a mix of dry and wet ingredients creates a challenge which characteristically lasts 20 minutes, engaging dogs during the period when the anxiety is at its highest. You can freeze the Kong so that the process of getting the food can be a little bit harder. The toy goes for $8.99 and is available in different sizes (read: the bigger your dog is, the bigger you’ll want to buy).

Price: $8.98

Buy the Classic Kong Dog Toy here.

3. Cozie Dog Squeaky Toy

cozie dog squeaky toy

The Kong Cozie is a cuddly plush, soft, and cute toy which is made with an additional layer of material with the aim of making it extra tough. It is the perfect toy for a game of fetch and is also a luxury for your furry pal. You can choose your best Cozie character for your dog from the 10 amazingly attractive Cozie Characters. The toy is very durable and goes for only $8.26.

Price: $8.26 (25 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Cozie Dog Squeaky Toy here.

4. Chase-It Wand Squeaking Dog Toy

chase it wand

The Chase-It Wand Squaking Dog Toy is a plush toy on a fishing pole, basically, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun to play with! The plush toy itself has minimal stuffing, so there’s no mess. And, it’s a great toy for dogs of all sizes, so whether you’ve got a Great Dane or a little Corgi, they’ll both have fun with it. The plush toy is also removable for independent play.

Price: $20.64

Buy the Chase-it Wand Squeaking Dog Toy here.

5. Squeakair Tennis Ball with Rope Dog Toy

kong toys

In case your dog loves tennis balls, they will go crazy over the rough Air Kong Squeakir Tennis Ball with Rope Dog Toy. All that made the tennis ball very popular with dogs all over is built in, the only variance is that Air Kong Toys do not bounce in the same way twice and also it has a squeaker which dogs love. It is the perfect smile, run, play, fun, and fetch toy. It is brightly coloured, pressure less, and is great for beach and snow environments. However, it is not a chew toy. In case it become loose, or it has torn pieces, immediately discontinue use. A medium package of the toy goes for $2.59, and a medium 2-pack goes for $13.98.

Price: $2.59 (68 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Squeakair Tennis Ball with Rope here.

6. Squeezz Ball

kong toys for dogs

Kong has come out to be one of the most remarkable squeaker which is necessary for its durability and design. This toy is innovative in the speakers which are hidden in the rubber and cannot be easily be loosened through chewing. The toys are incredible in their durability and they will yet squeak after being punctured. The Kong Squeezz Ball has a recessed squeaker which your dog cannot get to. The toy is perfect for games of fetch and its squeak promises lots of fun for you and your pet. The toy goes for $2.89 for medium, $11.47 for a medium pack of 2, $3.99 for a large on one and $11.30 for a large pack of 2.

Price: $3.99 (81 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Squeezz Ball here.

7. Goodie Bone Dog Toy

goodie bone dog toy

This is a remarkably durable bone-shaped chew which is designed to resist even the jaws of steel. The toy is made from rubber that is non-toxic, puncture-resistant, and super-sturdy. It is recommended for dogs who have separation anxiety or problem behaviors. This toy satisfies the dog’s urges to gnaw, chase, and hunt, thus keeping it happy and occupied for hours. The toy goes for $ 6.79.

Price: $6.79 (46 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Goodie Bone Dog Toy here.

8. Wobbler Treat Dispensing Toy

kong toys for dogs

The KONG Wobbler Treat Dispensing Toy will keep them busy for quite some time. If you have a hyper dog that won’t stay out of your hair sometimes, the wobbler will occupy your dog’s time. It dispenses treats via a little hole, so your dog will have to spend time to position the dispenser just right to get a treat. It’s a lot better than some of the other treat dispensers of the same nature. And, best of all, you can throw it right in your dishwasher for cleaning. It comes in large, small, and virtually every size in between.

Price: $13.73 (38 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Wobbler Treat Dispensing Toy here.

9. Jumbler Football Dog Toy

toys for dogs

If you’ve ever gotten something small stuck inside a big container, you’ll know the feeling your dog will get when playing with the Jumbler Football. It has a squeaker, and within its walls lies a tumbling tennis ball that will entice them to play. While they try to get it out of the center — which, spoiler, they can’t — the squeaking will keep them intrigued.

Price: $12.99 (28 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Jumbler Football Dog Toy here.

10. Rubber Ball Extreme

kong rubber ball extreme

The Kong Extreme Balls are perfect for bouncing. They are also the most durable rubber balls on the market today. They are produced in the United States, and the large/medium Kong Extreme measures approximately 3 inches for large and medium dogs; additionally, a hole has been drilled through it in the centre. The balls are especially suitable for outdoor uses as they are puncture-resistant. The small toy goes for $4.92, a small pack of 2 goes for $22.62 and a medium/large toy goes for $7.56

Price: $4.92

Buy the Rubber Ball Extreme here.

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