Mindy Robinson, Randy Couture Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Mindy Robinson

UFC Hall of Famer, Expendables star and all-around badass Randy Couture has a new love interest. She’s extremely gorgeous and even has a pretty extensive acting background. Fellas, be jealous but make sure you also show some respect to Randy Couture on this one. Check out all the info related to his new lady, Mindy Robinson.

1. She Was 1st Noticed by Randy Couture’s Side in His Ice-Bucket Challenge Video

Mindy Robinson

Most sites got acquainted with Randy’s new lady after she appeared by his side in his ALS Ice-Bucket Challenge video (which has been taken down for some strange reason).

2. Mindy Robinson is an Actress Based Out of Los Angeles

Mindy Robinson

Mindy Robinson has appeared in several films and TV shows over the past few years. Her IMDB profile page lists her acting credits, which includes roles played shows like King of the Nerds, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Hell Hunters and Cee-Lo Green’s The Good Life. Mindy has also appeared in films such as Chicks Dig Gay Guys, Dracula: The Impaler, Abstraction and Lizzie Borden’s Revenge.

3. She Was Born and Raised in Massachusetts

Mindy Robinson

Mindy’s personal website notes that she was born and raised in Fall River, Massachusetts. She’s the youngest child out of four siblings and is the child of Jane Robinson (a teaching assistant) and Bill Robinson (a forklift operator). She got her 1st big break in the acting biz once she played a supporting role in the film Mansion of Blood alongside Gary Busey. Her biggest role to date was in the Michael Bay directed Pain & Gain.

4. She Was Teased and Bullied in Elementary School Due to Being Skinny

Mindy Robinson

While attending elementary school, Mindy was bullied by her classmates for being skinny and for having buck teeth. Her website bio offers up a few comments from Mindy regarding how she dealt with being teased and how she looks back on those same bullies now:

Despite a lifetime history of exceptional academic accomplishments (Highest Honors from Kindergarten to college) she was often teased and bullied for being skinny with buck teeth in elementary school. She claims that “It forced me to develop a personality, a sense of humor, and a level of appreciative confidence that can only be achieved when you stop totally giving a fuck about what other people think.” She also added, “Fuck them, (the kids that picked on her) they probably work at Walmart now.”

5. She Has a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Page

You can see even more of Miss Robinson on her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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