Which NFL Team has the Best Old Players?

Philip Rivers


Most people would agree that the NFL is a young man’s league. Save for a few quarterbacks who are in their 30s having nice seasons (tongue planted firmly in cheek), the league depends on younger, faster, stronger players each year.

Case in point: Just a little over 14% of the TDs scored this season (through games of Week 13) have been scored by players who are in their 30s. The rest, about 85% have been scored by players in their 20s.

There have been 61 players in their 30s that have scored one or more touchdowns for their team this season. Leading the TD race for the 30-something crowd is San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates. The 34-year-old has tallied nine TDs for the Chargers, tops in the league for players 30 or older. Just one TD behind Gates is 30-year-old receiver Brandon Marshall with eight TDs for the Chicago Bears. Philadelphia all-purpose threat Darren Sproles, age 31, has seven TDs, five via rushing and two by punt returns.

Leading the 30-something TDs by team are the Atlanta Falcons. They have 14 TDs so far this season scored by 30-something players, five each by running back Steven Jackson and receiver Roddy White, three by Devin Hester, and one by Harry Douglas.

Here’s a look at how many TDs have been scored this season by teams with players who are 30 years of age or older.

14: Atlanta
13: San Diego
10: Philadelphia, San Francisco
9: Baltimore, Chicago, Tennessee
8: New Orleans
5: Kansas City, N.Y. Giants, Pittsburgh
4: Arizona, Buffalo, Dallas, Green Bay, Houston, Minnesota, Oakland, Tampa Bay
3: Indianapolis
2: Cleveland, Denver. Miami
1: Carolina, Detroit, Jacksonville, New England, St. Louis
0: Cincinnati, N.Y. Jets, Seattle, Washington