NBA Power Rankings: Season Preview & Predictions

It was just a few months ago the Golden State Warriors were parading down the streets of Oakland in celebration of an NBA Championship. Basketball is back and just in case you missed it we will review some of the offseason highlights before we get to our rankings.

Teams spent the offseason pointing to the injuries of teams the Warriors faced in the playoffs to explain why Golden State won the championship. DeAndre Jordan told the world he was headed to Dallas then some of the Clippers locked him in a room. He stopped answering his phone and re-signed with the Clippers. The Spurs were the big winners of free agency as they signed big man LaMarcus Aldridge. Finally, Billy Donovan decided to leave the Florida Gators and is now the coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

All this brings us to the current season and our preseason rankings. We have listed the teams as we would rank them now, but each team has a prediction blurb where we explain how we project that particular team to do this season. We will be releasing regular power rankings throughout the season. Take a look and let us know what we got right or wrong. Here is the season preview edition of our NBA power rankings: (Getty)

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