Hannover Police Reveal Details & Reason for Germany v. Netherlands Evacuation

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Hannover Police has stated that there was more than suspicion in canceling tonight’s friendly between Germany and Netherlands.

Hannover police chief Volker Kluwe told reporters there was a “concrete threat” discovered, and plans to detonate explosive device within HDI Arena.

It was reported that outside the stadium, Hannover police had discovered a truck bomb disguised as an ambulance. German officials have now stated that there were no explosives found outside the stadium

Around 90 minutes before Germany and Netherlands were scheduled to kick off their friendly, a stadium announcement ordered all in attendance to evacuate the arena. The announcement told fans that they should exit “quickly, but should go without panic back home. Please go in small groups back home, it’s better this way.”

The match was supposed to be attended by multiple members of the German cabinet.

The stadium evacuation is part of a number of terrorist threats thwarted in Hannover Tuesday night. A nearby concert hall was evacuated, and there were reports of a suspicious device in a nearby train station.

Elsewhere in Germany today, German police arrested two more individuals they believe are linked to the attacks in Paris. It is unknown if that operation is connected with the stadium evacuation.

Last week, Germany was on the field against France when suicide bombers caused explosions just outside Stade de France. The German players slept inside the stadium for security reasons. Low had stated playing on Tuesday would be a “message for freedom and democracy.”


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we dont need an explanation…you have too many terrorists running free in your country, asswipe

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