Aroldis Chapman Domestic Incident: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Aroldis Chapman, Aroldis Chapman girlfriend

Aroldis Chapman wasn’t arrested for his role in an October 30th incident, but the MLB is reportedly investigating. (Getty)

Cincinnati Reds closer Aroldis Chapman allegedly fired eight gunshots into the garage door of his Miami-area home after he and an unnamed girlfriend were involved in an argument, according to police reports first published by Yahoo Sports.

Chapman was most recently linked with Tina Barnea, who has been a frequent update on her Instagram regrading her relationship with the MLB standout.

The incident occurred around 11 p.m. ET on October 30. The Reds, through a spokesman, declined to comment when asked about the alleged incident.

Cincinnati has reportedly tried to trade Chapman in recent weeks and there were several rumors that a trade had actually been completed with the Los Angeles Dogers on Monday before news of the incident held up the deal.

Major League Baseball is expected to investigate the incident. Here’s what you need to know about Santiestelas.

1. The Incident Started After Chapman’s Girlfriend ‘Found Something in His Phone’

Aroldis Chapman girlfriend

Aroldis Chapman’s girlfriend said she saw on his phone that sparked an argument. (Getty)

The argument first started, Chapman’s girlfriend told police, after she went into a bathroom in the Miami-area home and “found something in his phone that she did not like.” Chapman went on to take the phone from her and the pair then went into the movie theater inside the home.

It was there that the closer “had pushed her against the wall,” according to the report and “Chapman had ‘choked’ her by placing his hands around her neck, but did not prevent her from breathing at any time.”

The report added that police did not observe “injuries or even redness anywhere on her neck or chest.” After that, Chapman’s girlfriend told police her brother came into the room and separated the pair.

2.  The Girlfriend Ran Out of the House & Hid in the Bushes After the Fight

Chapman girlfriend

Chapman’s girlfriend reportedly hid outside the home after the fight. (Instagram)

Chapman’s girlfriend told police that she ran out of the house after her brother arrived “because she was scared for her and her daughter.” She ran around the other side of the house, hid behind the bushes and contacted law-enforcement. However, she told police her child was still in the house at the time.

Of course, Chapman’s version of the story is slightly different. The MLB’er told authorities he “poked his girlfriend on the left shoulder and told her not to talk to him like that.” His driver added that Chapman’s girlfriend eventually “returned to the theater room, charging at Chapman and tackled him.”

3. Chapman Admitted to Firing Gunshots at the Garage

Aroldis Chapman girlfriend

Chapman’s home outside of Miami, Florida is nothing short of expansive. (Instagram)

After the argument Chapman said he wanted to drive away, but his friends wouldn’t let him. So, instead, he went into his car and retrieved a hand gun before he locked himself in the garage and fired eight shots.

Seven of the shots went into the garbage, while the eighth was fired out the window.

Chapman admitted to the shots, but was not charged with anything. On November 3, police spoke with Assistant State Attorney Marcie Zaccor who said: “ue to conflicting stories, no cooperating witnesses, and no physical injuries, there is insufficient evidence to charge Mr. Chapman with simple battery.”

4. Chapman Has Three Children

Son mis presente serán mi futuro y lo mejor que me ha pasado ! AMO A MIS HIJOS #ashanty #atticus #angelina #ChapmanSwagg

A photo posted by Aroldis Chapman (@_thecubanmissile54) on Nov 21, 2015 at 4:52pm PST

Chapman became a father for the third time during 2015 when he welcomed his second daughter, Angelina. The Cuban Missile left the Reds lineup on paternity leave during the summer.

The closer is also dad to a son, named Atticus Gabriel, and a daughter, Ashanti Brianna. Chapman had actually never met his first daughter before she and the rest of his family were able to get to the United States from Cuba. He said at the time:

It was really emotional. At the same time, it was mixed feelings. I was kind of worried. I didn’t know how she was going to react. She had never met me before. I had never met her before. She didn’t know who I was. I mean, we’ve had pictures and I’ve seen and talked to her on the phone, but nothing really personal.

Chapman and Ashanti’s relationship seems to have flourished recently, though, and the two regularly appear together on his social media pages.

5. This Incident Comes Less Than a Month After a Suspected Burglary at Chapman’s Home

Aroldis Chapman girlfriend

Chapman has been open with sharing looks at his family on social media. (Instagram)

The domestic incident came just less than a month after police were called to Chapman’s home regarding a suspected burglary. Chapman’s girlfriend told police at the time she had come to collect furniture and clothing from the house.

She said she had lived there approximately three years and she and Chapman had recently broken up.

Once again, however, Chapman’s version was different. He told police the two had dated for a little over a year and had lived together in a Miami apartment.

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