Premier League Table: BPL Standings Week 36

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With three weeks left in the Premier League season, we have our first title-clinching scenario. With three points this weekend at Old Trafford, Leicester City will have an unsurmountable lead atop English football. And if somehow the Foxes stumble against Manchester United the pressure goes back to Spurs, who won’t catch the trophy without at least three consecutive wins.
Farther down the table, Manuel Pellegrini is once again upset with UEFA. Madrid played their league match on Saturday and the City manager, who will is seeking a Champions League title before he is replaced, is arguing that 25 hours extra rest is an unfair advantage. I’m sure if he could forfeit the weekend fixture against Southampton if he could, as City should be solely focused on their 0-0 draw with Real Madrid heading into the second leg of the Champions League semifinals.

City’s busy schedule have them in danger of falling out of the top four. West Ham and United are within striking distance, and City still have to face Arsenal next weekend.

At the bottom of the table, Newcastle have earned five points in three matches to put them, for now, out of the relegation zone. Ex-Madrid manager Rafa Benitez took over in March, and the Magpies are one point above the drop with Aston Villa on the schedule next week.

Let’s take a look at all 20 clubs, with their recent form through Sunday:

1. Leicester City

Points: 77
Record: 22-11-3
Last Five: WWDWD
Next Fixture: Everton
(Clinched BPL title)

2. Tottenham Hotspur

Points: 70
Record: 18-13-4
Last Five: WDWDD
Next Fixture: Southampton

3. Arsenal

Points: 67
Record: 18-10-7
Last Five: DDWDW
Next Fixture: Manchester City

4. Manchester City

Points: 64
Record: 19-7-10
Last Five: WWDWL
Next Fixture: Arsenal

5. Manchester United

Points: 60
Record: 17-9-9
Last Five: WLWWD
Next Fixture: Norwich City

6. West Ham United

Points: 59
Record: 15-14-6
Last Five: DDDWW
Next Fixture: Swansea

7. Southampton

Points: 57
Record: 16-9-11
Last Five: LWDWW
Next Fixture: Tottenham

8. Liverpool

Points: 55
Record: 15-10-10
Last Five: WWWDL
Next Fixture: Watford

9. Stoke City

Points: 48
Record: 13-9-12
Last Five: LWDLD
Next Fixture: Crystal Palace

10. Chelsea

Points: 48
Record: 12-12-11
Last Five: WLLWD
Next Fixture: Sunderland

11. Everton

Points: 44
Record: 10-14-10
Last Five: LDDDW
Next Fixture: Leicester

12. Watford

Points: 44
Record: 12-8-14
Last Five: LLDWW
Next Fixture: Liverpool

13. West Bromwich Albion

Points: 41
Record: 10-11-14
Last Five: DLLDL
Next Fixture: Bournemouth

14. Bournemouth

Points: 41
Record: 11-8-17
Last Five: LWLLL
Next Fixture: West Brom

15. Swansea City

Points: 43
Record: 11-10-15
Last Five: DWLLW
Next Fixture: West Ham

16. Crystal Palace

Points: 39
Record: 10-9-17
Last Five: WDDLL
Next Fixture: Stoke City

17. Newcastle United

Points: 33
Record: 8-9-19
Last Five: LWDDW
Next Fixture: Aston Villa

18. Sunderland

Points: 32
Record: 7-11-17
Last Five: DLWDD
Next Fixture: Chelsea

19. Norwich City

Points: 31
Record: 8-7-20
Last Five: WWLLL
Next Fixture: Manchester United

20. Aston Villa

Points: 16
Record: 3-7-27
Last Five: LLLLL
Next Fixture: Newcastle
Clinched Relegation