Paige White & Scarlett, Brad Keselowski’s Girlfriend & Daughter: 5 Fast Facts

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Brad Keselowski raced to his first Daytona victory on July 2, winning the Coke Zero 400 at the Daytona International Speedway, according to the Los Angeles Times. The newspaper says he won after a challenger spun out on the last lap.

But who’s the focus of Keselowski’s life off the track? That would be his girlfriend, Paige White, and their daughter, Scarlett, whose medical emergency Keselowski has blogged extensively and emotionally about. Keselowski and Paige White have been the subject of numerous stories about pending marriage.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Paige White and Brad Keselowski Have a Year-Old Daughter Named Scarlett

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In May 2015, Paige White and her boyfriend Brad Keselowski announced that Paige had given birth to a child, a girl they named Scarlett, according to Hubmesh.

According to Nascar, this was the first child for both of them.

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2. Brad and Paige White Were Told Their Daughter Might Die

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On his blog, Brad Keselowski has written in great detail about what happened when he and his girlfriend Paige White were given the news that their daughter, Scarlett, could die.

When he took the flag at the Kentucky 300 in 2015, Keselowski said, he thought of Scarlett and Paige. He said they were told a month earlier that Scarlett could die.

I caught a glimpse of my girlfriend, Paige, holding Scarlett. From that point forward, I’m fairly certain I gave some terrible answers because I was really struggling to concentrate on the questions I was being asked. I just kind of kept glancing back over at the baby, overcome by a ton of different feelings.

Scarlett was having trouble breathing. Keselowski wrote that the diagnosis was not good.

After going through everything, the ENT gave Scarlett a fatal diagnosis. Eventually, she was going to stop being able to breathe and eat. She wasn’t going to make it.

Paige and Brad took Scarlet to the Mayo Clinic, facing what Brad says was every parent’s worst nightmare. But then came better news. They said:

She had laryngomalacia, a weakness in the muscles of the throat that’s fairly common in infants, though it’s rarely as severe as Scarlett’s case was. They did emergency surgery on her the next day, and it saved her life. We stayed in the hospital there in Minnesota while she was recovering. On Sunday, my first Father’s Day, we took Scarlett home.

Luckily, Scarlett went on to recover, Keselowski wrote on the blog.

I am happy to report that Scarlett has recovered, and she’s doing well. She’s gaining weight and breathing clearly, and doing all the things she should be doing, almost as though nothing was ever wrong. For anyone out there who’s asked about her, thank you. You may not have known what was going on, but we felt the support just the same.

4. Paige White’s Father Also Races Cars & She Has a Psychology Degree

Brad Keselowski's girlfriend, Paige White. (Twitter/Paige White, @epaigewhite)

Brad Keselowski’s girlfriend, Paige White. (Twitter/Paige White, @epaigewhite)

According to Hubmesh, Paige White’s father is a stock car driver, and she is a big sports fan. She graduated in the psychology field, the site says.

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Paige White’s Twitter site says she has a B.A. in Psychology, and a Minor in Pre-med Sciences. She has attended Nascar events with Keselowski. Other posts show them on trips together, many involving the outdoors.

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However, many of her posts focus on Scarlett and motherhood.

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5. Paige White and Brad Keselowski are not Married, Although Nuptials are Frequently Rumored

Numerous times in recent years, stories have suggested that Brad Keselowski and Paige White are about to marry, but they hadn’t as of his Daytona victory. Paige White has posted numerous photos on social media with Keselowski and Scarlett.

On his blog, Keselowski defended the decision, says Hubmesh:

I know that we’re not doing this in the traditional order of things. I will simply say this: I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life, and Paige is a very large part of that. She’s an amazing person. She’s soft-spoken, well-educated and smart. She’s beautiful, which never hurts. Most importantly, she understands who I am and where I’ve come from in ways that most people wouldn’t know or understand. Her family, which is extremely supportive and feels like an extension of my own, came from very humble beginnings, just like mine did. She’s seen the world from a lot of different perspectives that most people never get to see.

Many of Keselowski’s posts on social media also revolve around family, including taking Paige and Scarlett to the zoo.