WWE Survivor Series 2016: The Results & Highlights You Need to Know

The return of Survivor Series is here. And this installment’s offering of matchups feature the added element of brand warfare.

Raw and SmackDown Live have carefully constructed three teams that they hope take ’em straight to victory. This year’s Traditional Survivor Series matches will pit both brands’ best tag teams, female competitors and male singles Superstars. But the biggest matchup of all will see two of the most intimidating and damn near indestructible athletes in wrestling face off once again. Brock Lesnar and Goldberg will bring WWE 2K17’s Fantasy Warfare to life and (hopefully) give the world a much better match than their meeting at WrestleMania 20.

We’re here once again to deliver all you fans the match results and highlights for Survivor Series 2016.

Noam Dar, Rich Swann, and T.J. Perkins vs. Ariya Daivari, Drew Gulak, and Tony Nese (Six-Man Tag Team Match)

Winners: Noam Dar, Rich Swann, and T.J. Perkins!

Highlights: Everyone shook hands and then the match got underway when Swann and Nese squared off. Swann and Nese exchanged all types of holds and countered each other at every juncture. Swann dropkicked Nese and then let TJP get in to cause some damage. TJP used his mastery of suplexes to break down Nese. Nese got locked into an Octopus Hold, but he escaped after powering out of it. His advantage didn’t last long, though. TJP and Swann ended up using a slick tag team maneuver to ground Nese. After a while, Gulak and TJP ended up competing for their respective teams. Gulak almost lost via submission, but his teammates and TJP’s partners all ran in to break up the action.

When the match got back under control, Dar finally entered the ring and got into it with Daivari. After getting distracted by Nese, Dar ended up on the receiving end of a stiff Spinebuster. Dar then got the brunt of the rival team’s combined offense. Nese and Gulak punished him the most while the crowd watched Dar struggle. Once Dar got back to his feet, he kicked Gulak back down and tried to tag out. Daivari was there to cut him off, but he ended up inadvertently helping Dar tag out to Swann. Swann went crazy with his comeback offense on Daivari for a bit, but some outside help caused Daivari to gain the upper hand. Some high-flying planchas and top con hilo’s became a part of the equation afterwards. Swann used a swift back kick and a standing 450 Splash to get the win for his team.

Kane vs. Luke Harper

Winner: Kane!

Highlights: These big men slowly locked up for a while before Kane grounded Harper with a back drop suplex. Kane stayed on top of the Wyatt Family member with some uppercuts and shoulder shoves. Harper pulled Kane outside the ring and then threw himself right through the ropes before the Big Red Machine could catch his breath. Harper used his running big boot on Kane as soon as he re-entered the ring. Harper stayed on the big man with clubbing forearms to the back and a chinlock. Harper made his way to the top rope, but Kane cut him off with some stiff strikes. Kane brought Harper back down to the mat with a nice Superplex.

When both men recovered, Kane took control of the match with his comeback maneuvers. Harper hot him just as hard with a Superkick, but it wasn’t enough to end the match. Harper decided to break out his dropkick, but it still didn’t finish Kane. Kane’s own big boot and DDT combo wore down Harper some more. Harper broke out a Boss Man Slam and set up something big soon after, but he ran right into a Chokeslam From Hell. That was finally enough to get Kane the victory.

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