AFC Playoff Picture 2017: Week 16 Seedings, Scenarios & Tiebreakers

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Two broken legs made a massive impact on the AFC Playoffs on Saturday.

The first came from Marcus Mariota, whose fractured fibula coincided with the Titan’s fractured playoff hopes in a loss to Jacksonville. The Titans needed to win out to put pressure on the Texans, but with losses from the Colts and Titans, the Texans were able to clinch the AFC South with a dramatic win over the Bengals.

Just hours later, another franchise quarterback was downed with a broken leg. The Raiders are still in the playoffs, but their postseason chances now rest on the shoulders of fourth-year backup Matt McGloin. Carr’s injury could have an immediate impact, as his team visits the Wild Card-chasing Broncos in the final week of the season.

Christmas Day action has a large impact on the AFC bracket. A Ravens win in Pittsburgh would give them a win-and-in scenario for next week, where a loss would give the North to the Steelers. The Broncos still have an outside chance at the final Wild Card spot, but the defending champions need a win at Arrowhead on Sunday night.

For a full list of NFL tiebreaking procedures, click here.

Here’s how the playoff standings look right now:

AFC Seeding

The Division Leaders:

1. New England Patriots — 13-2
2. Oakland Raiders — 12-3
3. Pittsburgh Steelers — 10-5
4. Houston Texans — 9-6

The Wild Card Contenders:

5. Kansas City Chiefs — 11-4
6. Miami Dolphins — 10-5
7. Baltimore Ravens — 8-7
8. Tennessee Titans — 8-7
9. Denver Broncos — 8-7

**The Patriots have clinched the AFC East
**The Texans have clinched the AFC South
**The Steelers have clinched the AFC North
*The Chiefs have clinched a playoff berth
*The Raiders have clinched a playoff berth
*The Dolphins have clinched a playoff berth

Potential Wild Card Matchups:

Dolphins at Steelers

Chiefs at Texans

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