Lady Gaga, Super Bowl 51 Performer: Top 10 Best Instagram Photos

Lady Gaga

One of the biggest names in music today, Lady Gaga, is this year's Super Bowl 51 halftime show performer and fans are waiting to see what the pop star has in store for viewers. Gaga's fan-base consists of listeners who she calls her "little monsters" and she has said that she's definitely keeping them in mind for her big performance. Previously, she wrote the following caption on her Instagram: SuperBowl Rehearsal is so fun. We built a tent in my backyard with a dancefloor to practice! We love you monsters, can't wait to perform for u! For the past few weeks, prior to rehearsing at the actual stadium, Gaga was rehearsing in a giant tent that she had constructed in her backyard. She has called the experience a "dream come true." To again show her love to her fans, Gaga gushed on her Instagram with these words: Sending love to little monsters. I'm having a Million Reasons moment thinking about how grateful I am to have had such amazing fans all these years. You are a creative and passionate community thank you for loving me so much that we made it to the Super Bowl together. You'll all be up there with me. In spirit through the music we are all performing together. For more information on Gaga's Super Bowl performance, as well as her life in general, click through our gallery of her best Instagram photos. (Getty)