Super Bowl 51: Coin Toss Odds & Prediction

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It’s the classic Super Bowl prop.

Forget Gaga’s first song or Gatorade bath color, the coin toss is the most popular prop bet heading into Sunday. Both heads and tails are valued at -105, but tails leads the all-time series 26-24.

If you’re going by recent history, the trend says tails. That’s been the result for three straight years, although it was preceded by five straight years of heads.

Want to make some money with your friends? Bet with them on what the Patriots will call on the toss. That’s been a standard Super Bowl prop for years, but it was taken down this year after some bettors discovered that the Patriots always bet heads. Always. It’s a lock.

As for the result, it doesn’t look good for the Patriots. The NFC has won the toss in 17 of the last 19 Super Bowls, and that would mean a result of tails. That would be good for the books, who say that the majority of the action will be on heads.

“It seems there’s the inclination by most to pick heads, and we cringe when that’s the result of the coin toss,” one Westgate Las Vegas Superbook executive told USA Today. “We aren’t going to favor heads and move the line. We know each and every year that more people are going to bet on heads.”

Prediction: Patriots call heads, result is tails