Are There Surprise Super Bowl 51 Halftime Performers?

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Lady Gaga was announced as the headlining performer for the Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show back in September 2016 and there has been no word of a surprise guest. However, 90-year-old music legend Tony Bennett has been reported as being a part of the show.

Bennett is said to be announcing Gaga via a video message, introducing her 12-minute halftime performance.

Beyonce was previously rumored to be dropping in for the halftime show performance, but she recently announced she’s pregnant with twins and she also has the Grammy Awards coming up this week. It’s very unlikely that Queen Bey would show up.

Gosh TV reports that Gaga will be performing from the roof of the stadium, which should create enough of a wow factor that she may not need the addition of a surprise performer. Gaga previously stated that it was her sister’s idea that she be suspended in the air. In addition, CNN reports that the Pepsi-sponsored show will incorporate hundreds of lit up drones flying overhead. For all other purposes, the FAA has declared a 34.5-mile radius around Houston’s NRG Stadium a “no drone zone” on Super Bowl game day. CNN has revealed that this will be the first time that the Super Bowl Halftime Show will involve drones.

So, what music will Gaga be performing tonight? No set list has been revealed, though dancers were shown practicing choreography for the song “Bad Romance.” Variety reports that Twitter followers’ top picks include “Telephone,” “Bad Romance,” “Poker Face” and “Born this Way.” For “Telephone,” Gaga previously teamed up with Beyonce, so that could definitely add power to the Beyonce rumors.

So, do you think there are any more artists waiting in the wings or is Lady Gaga flying solo tonight?

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