Tom Brady’s Resume: Analyzed By Recruiting Professional

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For a special Throwback Thursday leading up to Super Bowl 51, let’s take a look at one of the greatest treasures given to us by Patriots QB Tom Brady. On Facebook, where Brady can be surprisingly entertaining, Brady shared a copy of his old resume in September of 2014.

Let’s take a look:

Impressive. But would it be enough to get Brady a job? To take a step further, we reached out to a professional recruiter to analyze this thing.

My contact’s LinkedIn page describes him as a “Senior Recruitment Consultant.” He told me he “easily” looks at over 100 resumes per day, and I asked if he could help with some pro-bono analysis.

As my contact examined Brady’s resume, he noticed that Brady isn’t too detailed in his job descriptions. Employers love hearing about accomplishments, and Brady’s details fall short.

“It’s filled with generalities that give you nothing about what he actually did. ‘Developed interpersonal skills and exemplified flexibility?’ That could literally be anything,” he said.

He added that Brady listed plenty of experience, but not all of it is relevant or appropriate for the resume.

“Whenever you go that far back, like Park Security manager, he’s just trying to show he wasn’t just sitting at home all summer. There’s no job he gets because that’s on there. And where it says ‘hands-on experience in customer contact areas…I’m not sure what that is, but there’s a joke in there somewhere.

If there are any jokes in Brady’s resume, it’s that he buries all his football experience at the bottom. Our expert says that professionals read resumes “top to bottom,” and he might have even thrown Brady’s resume out before getting to his experience as Michigan QB.

“This should be in reverse order,” says the expert. “Lead with the football. In finance and sales in general, we get excited over signing D-3 lacrosse players, I would at least interview him solely because he was captain of the Michigan football team.”

Good thing it worked out. Brady goes for a fifth Super Bowl win on Sunday.

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