Super Bowl Jersey Colors: Patriots in White Jerseys & Falcons in Red Jerseys

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The Falcons will wear red jerseys while the Patriots will be in white. (Getty)

History is on your side, Patriots fans. The New England Patriots will wear white jerseys in Super Bowl LI while the Falcons will be in red jerseys. According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, teams that have worn white jerseys in the Super Bowl have won 11 out of the last 12 times.

Here’s a look at both jerseys with the official Super Bowl LI patch:

Falcons fans are hoping their team can be an exception to the rule like the Packers in Super Bowl XLV. The Packers wore green and were victorious over the Steelers.

It was Atlanta’s choice to go against history. According to the USA Today, the NFL alternates the “home” team between the AFC and NFC each season. This year, it was the Falcons choice of jerseys as the designated home team.

The Falcons chose to go with more recent history when making their decision. Atlanta went 8-2 in their red jerseys this season. They were 4-2 this season when wearing white.

New England has had good fortune when wearing white in the Super Bowl. According to NESN, the Patriots have gone 2-1 in white at Super Bowls. They have gone 2-2 in blue jerseys and 0-1 in their lone Super Bowl appearance wearing red.

While there are statistics keeping track of this sort of thing, the winner of the Super Bowl has very little to do with what color jerseys the team is wearing. It has a lot more to do with which players are wearing them.

The Patriots have been to eight Super Bowls in their history and have won four championships. This marks only the second Super Bowl for the Falcons who are trying to win their first Lombardi Trophy.

Here’s a closer look at the Super Bowl LI patch: