MLB Power Rankings: Week 4

We're a month into the season, and teams are starting to emerge as the team to beat in their respective division. The MLB season is not a sprint so there is plenty of time for things to change. However, four weeks is enough time to get a sense of where teams could be headed. The New York Yankees were involved in two of the marquee series from this past week. The Yankees took two games in Boston while the opener was rained out. The bigger matchup in terms of the standings came against the Orioles to end the week. The Yankees and Orioles were two of Heavy's top three teams in last week's power rankings, but the Yankees proved they were the better team (at least for this week). The Yankees battle the Nationals in our rankings for the honor of the top team in baseball. Washington had a solid week by winning three of four games at Colorado. The Chicago White Sox, St. Louis Cardinals and Los Angeles Angels are three teams that are starting to get hot at the right time. The Oakland A's have gone the opposite direction and have dropped out of the rankings after losing five straight games.

As we look at some of the best individual performances to start the season, the Nationals' Ryan Zimmerman is having quite the season. Zimmerman is leading the league in batting average (.410), home runs (11) and RBI (27). There are a number of pitchers tied for a league-leading four wins. One of them is the Twins' Ervin Santana who also has the lowest ERA in the majors at 0.77. The Rockies' Greg Holland continues to be the best closer in baseball with a league-leading 10 saves. A couple notes about Heavy's power rankings. The standings and statistics listed are as of Sunday, April 30. Click the arrow on the right side of the middle of the page to see Heavy's latest MLB power rankings. (Getty)

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