WWE ‘Monday Night Raw’ Match Results & Spoilers April 24th

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Braun Strowman faces Kalisto tonight on ‘Monday Night Raw. (WWE.com)

Monday Night Raw is currently airing a new episode on the USA Network. Here’s what has happened so far:

10:52 – The Miz fights Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho. The Miz tries to retreat not long into the match, but Dean Ambrose attacks him and is getting ready to throw him onto the commentary table. But suddenly the lights go out, and when they come back up, Bray Wyatt is standing where The Miz was before. Wyatt then joins in on the match. However, he soon betrays his own tag team partner, attacking The Miz as the show closes.

10:49 – Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho enter for their match. The Miz enters and unveils his tag team partner…but no one comes out. Miz says that his partner is apparently running late and so this match must therefore be canceled. Kurt Angle enters and tells Miz that regardless of whether he has a partner, this match is happening.

10:41 – Backstage, Kurt Angle asks The Miz if he found a tag team partner. The Miz is very happy, saying that his tag team partner found him. The Drifter then walks by, and The Miz specifies that this is not his partner.

10:24 – Apollo Crews defeats Curt Hawkins. After the match, Titus O’Neil comes out to celebrate with Apollo Crews, raising his hand in victory.

10:23 – Curt Hawkins extends an open invitation. Apollo Crews enters to accept.

10:21 – Backstage, The Miz tries to get Heath Slater or Curtis Axel to be his tag team partner. Neither of them go for it. The Miz is then handed a note from off screen and he finds out he now has a tag team partner.

10:16 – Backstage, Dean Ambrose asks Chris Jericho to take his name off the list. Jericho obliges and removes Ambrose from the list, but as soon as Ambrose leaves, he puts him back on.

10:14 – After the match, Bayley grabs Alexa Bliss and tries to drag her back to the ring. It doesn’t work, and Alexa runs backstage. But then, as Bayley is walking back towards the ring, she’s attacked from behind by Alexa Bliss.

10:10 – Sasha Banks defeats Alexa Bliss via countout when Alexa Bliss walks out of the ring and retreats backstage.

9:57 – Alexa Bliss enters. She makes fun of Bayley for constantly talking about how this is her childhood dream. She also says that she didn’t come here to talk, she came to win, and she’s going to beat Bayley this Sunday to become Raw Women’s Champion.

Bayley enters. She says that Alexa is the type of girl to talk behind someone’s back and not say it to their face. She also says that she works hard every day to hold on to her dream. Alexa says that Bayley is a pathetic, sheltered child, and she’s excited to beat her in her home town.

Sasha Banks enters. She tells Alexa that at Payback, Bayley is going to shut her up. But for tonight, Sasha says that she’s going to shut Alexa up right now. Alexa says that’s not going to happen. Sasha then attacks Alexa.

9:53 – Backstage, The Miz talks to Cesaro and Sheamus, but neither of them seem interested in being his partner.

9:44 – Seth Rollins, Big Cass and Finn Balor defeat Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and Samoa Joe. The match ends when Seth Rollins pins Karl Anderson.

9:41 – Before a match, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and Samoa Joe attack Enzo Amore and Big Cass. Seth Rollins then runs out and helps them.

9:33 – Backstage, Samoa Joe says that his strategy has always been “strike first and annihilate completely.”

9:28 – Dana Brooke defeats Alicia Fox. Emma watches the match from ringside, and after the match ends, she enters and hugs Dana Brooke.

9:23 – Bray Wyatt says that some wounds never truly heal but instead infect the mind. Addressing Randy Orton, Wyatt says that pain and suffering awaits in the House of Horrors.

9:10 – After the match, a furious Braun Strowman attacks Kalisto and tosses him into the dumpster. He then rolls the dumpster up the stage and off of a small platform while Kalisto is still inside it.

9:03 Kalisto defeats Braun Strowman in a Dumpster Match.

9:02 – Backstage, Kurt Angle questions if Kalisto really wants to go through with this match. Kalisto says yes because he has to stand up for himself.

8:59 – Before the match, Braun Strowman says that he considers everyone in the entire arena tonight to be nothing but trash.

8:44 – Jack Gallagher and Austin Aries defeat Neville and TJ Perkins. 

8:38 – The Miz and Maryse confront Kurt Angle in his office. They want Angle to do something about Ambrose attacking The Miz earlier. Angle decides to put The Miz in a tag team match against Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho, meaning Miz must now find a partner.

8:24 – Matt Hardy defeats Sheamus while Jeff Hardy and Cesaro argue at ringside.

8:00 – Chris Jericho enters to host an episode of The Highlight Reel. He says that this is the last Highlight Reel to ever air on Monday Night Raw. After all, Jericho says he will beat Kevin Owens at Payback, which means Jericho gets traded to SmackDown. Jericho says that Owens deserves what he has coming to him after what he did at the Festival of Friendship. He also calls Kevin Owens the “hemorrhoid of America.”

The Miz and Maryse enter. Miz says that Raw no longer belongs to Chris Jericho and that The Highlight Reel has officially been canceled, being replaced with Miz TV. Suddenly, the production crew at Raw begins replacing the carpet and bringing in extra chairs in order to transform this into an episode of Miz TV.

Before Miz TV can start, Dean Ambrose enters. Ambrose agrees with Chris Jericho that The Miz is a stupid idiot. He also says that he’s pretty sure that nobody here wants to see an episode of Miz TV, and so he has the production crew transform this into an episode of Ambrose Asylum. Ambrose tells Jericho that he’s rooting for him in his match this Sunday, and as a gift, he presents Jericho with a new light-up jacket. Jericho tries it on and The Miz says it’s hideous, subsequently going on a rant against Dean Ambrose and calling him ungrateful and underachieving. Ambrose says he has a gift for The Miz, after which he attacks The Miz with Dirty Deeds. Jericho then adds Maryse to the List of Jericho.