WWE Payback 2017: Matches & Predictions

WWE Payback 2017

WWE Payback 2017 happens to be one of the more interesting match cards of the year.

What was once thought to primarily be a Raw focused event has now turned into an inter-promotional PPV. Thanks to the post-WrestleMania 33 Superstar Shakeup, members of the Raw and SmackDown Live rosters will engage in contests that will determine which championships change hands and brands. Raw’s Chris Jericho will try to exact his revenge on SmackDown Live’s United States Champion Kevin Owens, plus Raw’s Bray Wyatt will face SmackDown Live’s Randy Orton in a House of Horrors Match for the WWE Championship. These two Raw vs. SmackDown Live bouts will also be joined by a myriad of other big time matchups.

It’s about time we broke down all the matches going down at WWE Payback 2017 and give our predictions on how they’ll all unfold.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

WWE Payback 2017

Predictions & Winners: These two teams seem like they’ve been trading wins and losses a lot more than usual lately. Every other week, we’ve watched both teams butt heads on the mic and in the ring or get into some solo bouts while the other team member looks on. Enzo caught a savage thrashing at the hands of the 2 Sweet brothers on that last Raw, so it only seems right that Enzo and Cass get the revenge they’re seeking here. This Kickoff Match will be short, sweet and simple. Once it reaches its end, Enzo and Cass will walk away with the win.

Neville (c) vs. Austin Aries (WWE Cruiserweight Championship)

WWE Payback 2017

Predictions & Winner: WE WERE RIGHT ON THE MONEY! Didn’t we tell you “Double A” wouldn’t capture the Cruiserweight Championship on his 1st try against Neville? We got the feeling that Neville would retain since his heel run is still as hot as ever. We also figured that Austin Aries would get the rematch he deserves due to how he fell to Neville (Neville took some liberties, scratched out AA’s eyes and took him down with a Red Arrow). But now, we think the tables have turned. Neville’s enjoyed an entertaining run as champion of the Cruiserweight Division since he defeated Rich Swann in January. It’s gone on long enough, which is why we think this is the moment where Austin Aries finally captures the Cruiserweight Championship. But of course, this feud will continue since they’re one apiece with wins now.

Randy Orton (c) vs. Bray Wyatt (House of Horrors Match)

WWE Payback 2017

Update: so now this match is no longer for the WWE Championship! That was quite the unexpected change up. We’re still going with Bray Wyatt as the winner of this specialty match, though. Maybe due to Jinder Mahal’s interference, perhaps?

Predictions & Winner: We’re really intrigued about how this match will be set up. A “House of Horrors” Match? What exactly does that entail, really? Will it be some type of hardcore brawl that takes place within the confines of some creepy setting? We’re guessing both these guys will go all the way in one of the most gimmicky matches the WWE has recently concocted. So here’s the thing – Bray Wyatt is now a member of the Raw roster, while Randy Orton still resides on SmackDown Live as the WWE Champion. Brock Lesnar captured the Universal Championship at ‘Mania 33, but he’s not going to be on Raw as much due to how his contract works out. So Raw’s going to need some type of main champion to rule the roost while Lesnar is gone for a while. We think WWE’s going to shock us all by giving Bray Wyatt the big championship win here and take Lesnar’s place as the #1 title holder on the Red Brand. Bray will run around with the WWE Championship for a while, feud with Finn Balor when he fully recovers and eventually drop the title back to a SD Live superstar once Lesnar shows back up to reclaim his spot atop the Raw roster. We could totally see AJ Styles being the guy to bring the WWE Championship back to the Blue Brand.

Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman

WWE Payback 2017

Predictions & Winner: ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR BRAUN STROWMAN! Maaaaaaaaaaaan! Braun is someone who’s all about holding a grudge until the focus of his hatred is defeated. Ever since Braun caught a dual spear from Roman Reigns and Goldberg, Braun has went on a rampage against the former Shield member. Now we were pleasantly surprised by the match both men had at Fastlane this past March, which is a bout that Reigns walked away from victorious. While Braun has gotten back to his rampaging ways and we’re pretty sure he’ll put on another impressive contest against Reigns, we think he’s going to lose once again. Roman Reigns is the man that defeated The Undertaker. At WrestleMania. And retired him! There’s no way Reigns will take a huge loss on PPV so soon after committing such an amazing feat. Roman Reigns will get the victory here and finally end his war with the monster known as Braun Strowman.