WWE Payback 2017: The Results & Highlights You Need to Know

The Hardy Boyz (Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy) (c) vs. Cesaro and Sheamus (WWE Raw Tag Team Championship)

WWE Payback 2017

Winners: And STILL the WWE Raw Tag Team Champions, The Hardy Boyz (Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy)!

Highlights: Cesaro and Matt Hardy were 1st up to lockup. Once Jeff got tagged in later on, he and Matt laid in a beautiful Poetry in Motion on the “Swiss Superman.” Cesaro shook off the damage sustained by that move, tagged in Sheamus and got Matt laid down. Cesaro and Sheamus worked over Matt in their corner for a while. Sheamus tried to stay on top of Matt, but Matt slipped out of a Powerslam hold and made the tag to his brother. Jeff pulled off his dropkick combination on Sheamus to weaken him a bit, but Sheamus wasn’t hurt enough to stay grounded. Sheamus used his power to shove Jeff extra hard to the outside. Once back in, Sheamus and Cesaro did their best to beat Jeff into nothingness. Sheamus used a particularly vicious kick to keep Jeff from tagging in Matt. Cesaro even landed a nasty leg drop on Jeff that was a sight to behold (he got some serious air on that one).

Jeff finally saved himself when he landed a Whisper in the Wind on both Sheamus and Cesaro. Matt ran back into the ring and began landing his signature offense on Cesaro. Jeff aided his brother by running right onto Sheamus outside the ring with an apron assisted splash. Matt looked to land a Moonsault, but he missed it and then ran right into a Jumping Uppercut from Cesaro. Cesaro then gave Matt a ride with his Giant Swing and locked him right into a Sharpshooter. Sheamus shoved Jeff right into the security barrier, then got Matt onto the top rope with a top rope Celtic Cross. Jeff broke up the pin right after, though. The match got even crazier as time wore on and ran right into Sheamus dropping Matt with a Powerslam. Jeff came off the top rope with a Swanton Bomb right onto Sheamus and got the final pin. Both team showed their respect and admiration for each other after the bell rang. But suddenly, Sheamus and Cesaro got frustrated and began beating the hell out of the championship duo. It appears that Sheamus and Cesaro have gone the full heel route.

Bayley (c) vs. Alexa Bliss (WWE Raw Women’s Championship)

WWE Payback 2016

Winner: And the NEW WWE Raw Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss!

Highlights: Bayley’s hometown crowd shoed a ton of love to her as the match began. This gave Bayley enough confidence to get the better of Bliss through the match’s opening moments. Bayley was relentless as she beat her up inside and outside the ring. Bayley shoved Bliss’ head into the corner ring post several times to add insult to injury. Bayley ran the rope to land another big move, but Bliss cut her off with a devastating elbow strike. Bliss began gaining more momentum as she punished Bayley for a good while. At one point, Bliss held onto Bayley as they got back into the ring after battling on the outside. But Bayley recovered by landing a chin breaker on Bliss right across the middle rope. This helped Bayley launch right into her signature comeback offense.

Bayley almost ended the match with her finisher, but Bliss broke the hold and slammed her face into the ring post corner. Both women soon found themselves on the top rope, which almost led into Bayley hitting her finisher. Bliss threw Bayley to the mat and caught her with a Code Red Powerbomb. Bliss made sure to do even more damage to Bayley with her knees, but Bayley countered by landing a nasty running knee strike of her own. Bayley then flew off the top rope with an Elbow Drop to Bliss that almost got her the win. As the match continued, Bayley began booting Bliss in the corner. When both women fought for a pin, Bayley found herself bouncing head first into the corner ring post again. Bayley tried to save herself with a quick pin soon after, but she took the ultimate loss after eating a Snap DDT.

Randy Orton (c) vs. Bray Wyatt (House of Horrors Match)

WWE Payback 2017

Winner: Bray Wyatt!

Highlights: Orton arrived at some unknown location via limo. He made his way onto the house’s property and was instantly startled by a nearby vehicle that started on its own. Orton slowly made his way into the abandoned home that Bray was surely creeping around in. After experiencing a few jump scares, Bray came from behind and beat the hell out of Orton. Orton eventually got in some offense of his own on Bray, but this did nothing but cause Bray to go back into hiding. Orton started making his way down some sort of tunnel. Suddenly, Bray’s hand grabbed his throat and startled him even more than before. Bray quickly found another hiding place while Orton walked into a room with a pair of creepy taunting dolls. Orton came under attack once more and even got shoved right through a wall. The fight entered the kitchen moments later and saw Orton finally get in some good strikes on his foe.

Orton became enraged due to Bray’s constant giggling. Orton attempted to beat down Bray some more, but Bray pushed him away and regained control. So much so that Bray pushed a fried right onto Orton. Bray shook off the damage he sustained and escaped the broken home. Once he left to the outside, Bray uttered his catchphrase while the house became enveloped in a shade of red. Bray made his way back into Orton’s limo and requested that he be taken back to the arena. He sung his favorite song while he was being driven back to the main location for the PPV.

Back in the arena, Bray slowly made his way to the ring. When the lights came back on, Orton could be seen standing right behind his former stable mate. Orton went to town on Bray with a steel chair and then used his Apron DDT off of an announce table. Back inside the ring, Orton signaled for the RKO but The Bollywood Boys ambushed him. Orton beat them back and eventually hit Bray with an RKO. But then Jinder Mahal cracked Orton over the head with his own WWE Championship. Bray took advantage of all this chaos by hitting Orton with his Sister Abigail for the 1-2-3. Mahal left the ring with Orton’s stolen WWE Championship and left Bray to bask in the glory of his victory.

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