WWE Spoilers: When Will Baron Corbin Cash in the Money in the Bank Contract?

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Baron Corbin becomes Mr. Money in the Bank. (WWE)

Tonight at Money in the Bank, Baron Corbin won the Money in the Bank contract during the men’s ladder match. Sometimes superstars who win this contract hold on to it for months upon months, whereas sometimes they use it almost immediately. So what’s the plan for Baron Corbin?

Well, we got a slight hint at the answer this evening on Talking Smack, the SmackDown Live aftershow. During the broadcast, Corbin was asked if he’s going to hold on to the contract for nearly the whole year, and he said that he liked the sound of that, as he wants every WWE champion to constantly be on edge and remain nervous that he is going to strike.

“[Holding onto the contract for a year] would entertain me, because anybody holding the WWE Championship will always have that little nervous tic of looking behind them when someone like me has this,” Corbin said. “…The threat alone is an enjoyment to me. Just the threat of this. I’m going to carry this with pride.”

Based on this comment, it sounds like we shouldn’t exactly expect Baron Corbin to suddenly cash in the Money in the Bank contract this Tuesday. The exact length of his contract reign, of course, is something that likely hasn’t even been determined yet.

So far, the record for longest time holding a Money in the Bank contract is 280 days. This record is held by Edge, the winner of the very first Money in the Bank ladder match ever. The second longest reign was Seth Rollins, who held on to the contract for 273 days before cashing it in at WrestleMania. And the third longest reign belongs to Dolph Ziggler, who held on to his contract for 267 days.

Already we know that Baron Corbin will not beat the record for shortest contract reign, as two superstars have used their Money in the Bank contract on the same night they won it: Kane and Dean Ambrose. Kane holds the record for shortest Money in the Bank contract reign, as he held his for just 48 minutes.

Based on Baron Corbin’s comments tonight, it sounds like we shouldn’t know for sure when he is going to cash in his contract until the moment it happens. Some superstars have announced when they’re going to cash in, including John Cena, as in 2012, everyone knew that Cena was going to cash in on the 1000th episode of Raw. However, Corbin wants to keep a level of unpredictability to his contract reign.