2017 WSOP Main Event Results: Blumstein Wins

scott blumstein

Screenshot Scott Blumstein has won the 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event

Scott Blumstein, from Morristown, New Jersey, has won the 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event. Blumstein mostly-dominated the competition at the final table from Day 2 until the finish. Blumstein beat second-place finisher Daniel Ott and won $8.15 million.

Blumstein won by wearing down Ott. The closest Ott got was when he had 128 million in chips to Blumstein’s 240 million, but it was all Blumstein from there.

Blumstein’s winning-hand came on hand number 246 of the Main Event final table. Blumstein, with A-2, put Ott all-in with A-8 suited. The flop and turn came J 6 5 7. Blumstein hit a 2 on the river to win and take home the WSOP Main Event bracelet.

Blumstein outlasted 7,221 players, the third-largest WSOP Main Event field in the tournament’s history.

Ott knocked out third-place finisher Benjamin Pollack on one of the more exciting hands of the final table. Pollack shoved his 35.2 million chips with Q-10. Ott reshoved his 45.8 million chips with K-9 and was called by Blumstein’s A-Q. The board went K J 3 4 6 and Ott knocked out Pollack.

Here’s the final table standings:

1st Place: $8,150,000 – Scott Blumstein
2nd Place: $4,700,000 – Dan Ott
3rd Place: $3,500,000 – Benjamin Pollack
4th Place: $2,600,000 – John Hesp
5th Place: $2,000,000 – Antoine Saout
6th Place: $1,675,000 – Bryan Piccioli
7th Place: $1,425,000 – Damian Salas
8th Place: $1,200,000 – Jack Sinclair
9th Place: $1,000,000 – Ben Lamb

Ben Lamb was eliminated in 9th place after beginning Day 1 as the short-stack. He briefly moved up to 8th place, before going all-in with A-9 suited against Jack Sinclair’s A-Q. Sinclair’s hand held up, knocking Lamb out. Lamb took home $1 million for his finish.

Sinclair was next to be eliminated. Sinclair shoved with K-J and was called by Brian Piccioli and his pocket aces. The aces held, knocking Sinclair out in 8th place. Sinclair took home $1.2 million for his finish.

Salas was the first to be eliminated on Day 2 when Ott rivered a 6-high straight to beat Salas’ pair of aces. Salas’ 7th place finish was good for $1.4 million.

Piccioli was eliminated in 6th place when he shoved his A-7 against Ott’s K-K. The pocket kings held and Picciolli was eliminated in 6th place and earned $1.675 million.

Saout finished 5th after Blumstein’s straight beat his three jacks. Saout earned $2 million for his finish.

One of the 2017 Main Event’s favorite players, John Hesp was the last person eliminated on Day 2. Hesp shoved with 9-7 and was called by Pollack’s A-J. Pollack’s hand held, and Hesp was knocked out in 4th place, earning $2.6 million.

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