Bayley’s Shoulder Injury: Is It Real?

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Bayley injured her shoulder during a match against Nia Jax on Monday Night Raw, and she will no longer be competing at SummerSlam, the WWE announced on Monday. As fans know, real injuries often force the WWE writers to adjust their plans, but just as often injuries are presented as real even though they are completely fictional. So which is this? Is Bayley actually injured?

At this time, it does look like Bayley’s injury is real, as reported on Wrestling Observer Live.

“The injury appears to be legitimate, though the severity of it isn’t currently known,” Bryan Alvarez reported on Wrestling Observer Live.’s original article on this stated that Bayley had been evaluated by medical staff but that “official diagnosis was inconclusive due to the amount of swelling involved.” Then, during their preview of August 7th’s Raw, says, ” A conclusive diagnosis will be made today in Toronto, but based on what we have seen, it doesn’t seem likey that The Huggable One will be getting back into the ring anytime soon.” And later on Monday, WWE host Mike Rome said in an online video, “We found out after her evaluations this morning that Bayley will not be at SummerSlam. She’s got a separated shoulder.”

Still, not everyone is convinced this injury is real. Former ECW Champion Taz recently said that he believes this is all a work, according to WrestleZone.

“What jumped out to me was Michael Cole on play-by-play, as soon as she went outside the ring…as soon as she landed, or came out of the ring, he mentioned her shoulder very quick,” Taz said. “You don’t normally do that, unless you know it’s a legit bad injury, or you’re told to say it, or you know where the story’s going. So, to me, that kind of jumped out a little bit.”

Bayley’s supposed injury took place during her match against Nia Jax on the July 31st episode of Raw. It seems to have happened when Nia Jax threw Bayley out of the ring, with Bayley landing directly on her right shoulder. She looks to be in a lot of pain for the rest of the match and holds her arm in a way as to not cause additional damage.

This is obviously bad news for Bayley, who had a huge opportunity ahead of her with a Raw Women’s Championship match in her first ever SummerSlam; although Bayley wrestled at WrestleMania 33 this past April, she has yet to participate in a SummerSlam, as this is the first one to take place since she was called up to the main roster.

On the August 7th episode of Raw, there will be two triple threat matches, and the winners of these matches will compete next week for the opportunity to face Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam. The six competitors will be Alicia Fox, Dana Brooke, Emma, Mickie James, Nia Jax, Sasha Banks.

Ever since this injury announcement, some have criticized Nia Jax, arguing that she is dangerous in the ring.

“I will never have a match with Nia Jax,” Bryan Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Live. “…Just like I would never have a match with Sheamus. I would not feel safe in the ring with them. Nia Jax has got to take care of her opponents.”