Tom Brady Mom’s Cancer: Galynn Brady Updates Health Status

As Tom Brady and the Patriots made their Super Bowl LI run, little was known about Brady’s mother, Galynn Brady. What fans did know is Galynn was battling cancer, and her son Tom used her fight as extra motivation on the Patriots championship run.

For the first time since her cancer battle became public, Galynn sat down with NFL Network’s Andrea Kremer for a lengthy interview. Galynn was also joined by her husband, Tom Brady Sr., during the emotional interview.

During the summer of 2016, Galynn was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. She noted during the interview it was an “aggressive” form of cancer that required both chemotherapy and radiation.

“Hearing about it [breast cancer] for the first time, that my wife of many years, I could lose her. I’m not ready to lose my wife,” Tom Brady Sr. told NFL Network his initial thoughts.

According to NFL Network, Galynn underwent several surgeries including two lumpectomies. Galynn’s treatments prevented the couple from traveling to watch their son’s games in person, but she noted they would watch the games together on TV. Galynn often FaceTimed with Tom to keep him updated on her progress.

Tom Brady Sr. noted their son assured Galynn she would be watching the Super Bowl long before the Patriots made the big game.

“You’ll be ready for the Super Bowl,” Tom Brady Sr. recalled his son’s words during the middle of the season.

Her five months of cancer treatment ended two weeks before the Super Bowl. According to NFL Network, there were other complications as Galynn contracted pneumonia and shingles after her treatments. She wasn’t cleared by the doctors to travel to the Super Bowl until the day before their flight.

“I decided to go,” Galynn told NFL Network. “I wanted to be there for Tommy, and I wanted to be with our family. Everybody was going to the Super Bowl, and I didn’t want to miss that.”

As the Patriots went down 28-3, Galynn kept uttering, “I just want to go home.” Fortunately for the Bradys, things were about to change. A short NFL Network clip showed Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman speaking to Tom on the sideline.

“Let’s go score and win this thing, baby. For your mom. For your mom, bro,” Julian told Tom.

Tom and Galynn were there to witness one of the most remarkable Super Bowl comebacks in history. Galynn is screened every three months, and her most recent scan in August came back clear. As an added bonus, Patriots owner Robert Kraft awarded Galynn with a Super Bowl ring.

According to NFL Network, Galynn is one of several cancer survivors the Patriots will honor before the Falcons-Patriots Sunday Night Football matchup.