NFL Power Rankings Week 14

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Case Keenum and the Minnesota Vikings continue to be one of the hottest teams in the NFL.

Can a team be 10-2, yet still be flying under the radar? The Minnesota Vikings are doing just that, having won eight straight games while garnering little fanfare.

Part of the lack of buzz has to do with the skepticism around quarterback Case Keenum, who does not put up gawdy numbers. Yet, Keenum has been a model of efficiency as his most recent outing in Atlanta shows, going 25-of-30 for 227 yards and two touchdowns. Keenum has thrown for 2,476 yards, 14 touchdowns and has just five interceptions while completing 66 percent of his passes.

In addition to their recent win against the Falcons, the Vikings’ wins this season include the Lions, Rams, Ravens and Saints. Minnesota will be favored in their remaining four matchups, and have a good chance at securing the NFC’s top seed. The Vikings just keep winning, whether or not we are paying attention.

The Seahawks ended the Eagles nine-game winning streak in impressive fashion on Sunday Night Football. Seattle’s defense made Carson Wentz’s night miserable as the Eagles offensive line were unable to protect Wentz from the Seahawks pass rush. It was by far Seattle’s best performance of the season, but there is no need to panic in Philadelphia as the Eagles were due for a poor performance after months of dominating the league.

New England has won eight straight games, and three of their last four games took place on the road. Things don’t get easier for the Patriots as their next two games are also on the road. With the Eagles slipping up in Seattle, the Patriots have jumped up to the top spot in our rankings.

Here’s a look at our latest NFL power rankings.

NFL Power Rankings Week 14: Top 10 Teams

nfl power rankings, week 14, patriots, updated

GettyThe Patriots extended their winning streak with a dominant win over the Bills.

No. 1 New England Patriots
Last Week: Defeated Bills 23-3
This Week: at Dolphins (Monday Night Football)

This week, it was the Patriots defense and rushing attack that kept New England’s win streak going. Dion Lewis had 15 carries for 92 yards, while Rex Burkhead rushed 12 times for 78 yards and two touchdowns. Tom Brady threw for 258 yards, but did not throw a touchdown pass against the Bills.

New England will continue through the road-heavy part of their schedule with upcoming matchups against the Dolphins and Steelers. The Patriots have won eight straight games, and move up to the top spot after the Eagles struggled against the Seahawks.

No. 2 Philadelphia Eagles
Last Week: Lost 24-10 to Seahawks
This Week: at Rams

It was not the Eagles finest outing on Sunday night, as the Seahawks dominated the Eagles to snap their nine-game winning streak. You have to look back to the middle of September to see the last time the Eagles lost. Philly has another big test next week on the road against the Rams, as the Eagles look to start a new winning streak.

Wentz threw for 348 yards, but the Eagles only managed to find the endzone one time in Seattle. Philadelphia still should be favored in their next four matchups.

No. 3 Minnesota Vikings
Last Week: Defeated Falcons 14-9
This Week: at Panthers

The Vikings continue to impress with their latest victory coming on the road against a solid Falcons team. It’s been over two months since Minnesota has lost as the Vikings have won eight straight games. Keenum continues to be one of the most overlooked players this season.

Minnesota has a top five defense, allowing opponents to score just 17.7 points per game. It will be interesting to see how Keenum performs in the post-season, but he has shown no signs of slowing down in the regular season.

No. 4 Pittsburgh Steelers
Last Week: Defeated Bengals 23-20
This Week: vs Ravens

Pittsburgh should be able to capitalize on playing lesser opponents the rest of the way, as the Steelers are likely going to be favored in four of their final five games. Pittsburgh made things interesting on Monday night by narrowly squeaking out a win against the Bengals. The Steelers have now won seven straight games.

The Steelers have been led by their passing attack as Pittsburgh’s 263 passing yards per game puts them at No. 6 in the country. JuJu Smith-Schuster’s emergence during his rookie season has given the Steelers an added threat to an already potent offense.

No. 5 Los Angeles Rams
Last Week: Defeated Cardinals 32-16
This Week: vs. Eagles

Jared Goff has already thrown for 2,964 yards and 18 touchdowns this seasons, just a season removed from a disappointing rookie campaign. Sean McVay has the Rams offense rolling, as the Rams rank second in the league in points per game with 29.9. The Rams have a number of quality wins including the Cowboys, Jaguars and Saints.

The Rams likely have the most difficult stretch of upcoming games of any of our top ranked teams. Los Angeles takes on the Eagles, Seahawks and Titans in the next three weeks, all three teams are ranked in our top ten.

No. 6 New Orleans Saints
Last Week: Defeated Panthers 31-21
This Week: at Falcons

After suffering their first loss in eight games, the Saints bounced back with a quality win against the Panthers. Two of the Saints next three games are against the Falcons, with next week’s game on the road and the Week 16 matchup at home. New Orleans was able to come away with a victory over the Panthers, a major win given the closeness of the NFC South race.

Alvin Kamara continues to impress as the rookie running back had 122 total yards and two touchdowns against the Panthers.

No. 7 Seattle Seahawks
Last Week: Defeated Eagles 24-10
Next Week: at Jaguars

It was Seattle’s pass rush that helped the Seahawks get their biggest win of the year with an impressive performance against the Eagles. Seattle has managed to remain competitive despite a number of deficiencies. Their offensive line continues to be a work in progress, and Russell Wilson is their best running back given their backfield is decimated by injuries.

Linebacker Bobby Wagner may be having his best season yet, and notched 13 tackles in the Seahawks victory over the Eagles. This is the part of the season where the Seahawks normally begin hitting their stride, but will have to continue overcoming some of their own shortcomings. If Sunday night is any indication, they are well on their way.

No. 8 Tennessee Titans
Last Week: Defeated Texans 24-13
This Week: at Cardinals

Tennessee has won six of their last seven matchups, and have two more winable road games against the Cardinals and 49ers. The Titans need these next two wins to stay in the race for the AFC South, as their final two games pits them against the Rams and Jaguars. Derrick Henry averaged a whopping 9.9 yards per carry on Sunday as he rushed for 109 yards and a touchdown against the Texans.

No. 9 Jacksonville Jaguars
Last Week: Defeated Colts 30-10
This Week: vs. Seahawks

Blake Bortles has become the favorite target of football fans looking for a laugh, but Bortles has had some surprisingly solid outings this season. Bortles threw for 309 yards and two touchdowns against the Colts on Sunday.

Bortles still has his faults, but the defense has allowed him to not have to try to win the game each week for the Jaguars. Their latest win puts them neck-and-neck with the Titans for the AFC South.

No. 10 Carolina Panthers
Last Week: Lost to Saints 31-21
Next Week: vs. Vikings

Carolina ended their four-game win streak with a loss against the Saints. Things do not get any easier for Carolina as they take on the Vikings next week. Newton has had an up and down season for the Panthers. He has thrown for 2,400 yards, but already has thrown 11 interceptions compared to his 14 touchdown passes. One bright spot is Newton continues to be a threat with his legs, rushing for 464 yards and five touchdowns.

NFL Power Rankings: All 32 Teams

1 New England Patriots (10-2)
2 Philadelphia Eagles (10-2)
3 Minnesota Vikings (10-2)
4 Pittsburgh Steelers (10-2)
5 Los Angeles Rams (9-3)
6 New Orleans Saints (9-3)
7 Seattle Seahawks (8-4)
8 Tennessee Titans (8-4)
9 Jacksonville Jaguars (8-4)
10 Carolina Panthers (8-4)
11 Atlanta Falcons (7-5)
12 Baltimore Ravens (7-5)
13 Los Angeles Chargers (6-6)
14 Dallas Cowboys (6-6)
15 Oakland Raiders (6-6)
16 Green Bay Packers (6-6)
17 Detroit Lions (6-6)
18 Buffalo Bills (6-6)
19 Kansas City Chiefs (6-6)
20 Washington Redskins (5-7)
21 New York Jets (5-7)
22 Cincinnati Bengals (5-7)
23 Miami Dolphins (5-7)
24 Arizona Cardinals (5-7)
25 Houston Texans (4-8)
26 Tampa Bay Bucs (4-8)
27 Chicago Bears (3-9)
28 Indianapolis Colts (3-9)
29 Denver Broncos (3-9)
30 San Francisco 49ers (2-10)
31 New York Giants (2-10)
32 Cleveland Browns (0-12)



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titans too high, too many ugly wins over inferior teams, chargers and 49ers and too low. He ignores the fact that the chargers have gone 6-2 and the 49ers found their franchise quarterback.


ESPN & the-like give time to flashy players (ie, Kamara), big-city ($$$) teams (ie, LA Rams) and/or any team who’s been in Super Bowl since 2005 (ie, Seahawks, Saints, Falcons). MN shut down Kamara week 1, stomped LA last month and held the reigning NFC Champ DirtyBirds to 3 FGs yesterday. Striking distance??? Redonk


My Goodness David, Minnesotans are too nice to be taken seriously in football for cripes sake. Don’t ya know that, then? Just go back to shoveling the driveway up north at your lake cabin and have the Missus fix ya a nice hot dish, then. After that, when you do go on and beat those other buggers, they’ll be the ones cryin’ holy buckets!

Jonathan Adams

David, that was written before the Eagles game when they were a game back. This went live during the game.


All you did was take the team’s record, and grouped them in reverse order.

Damn, I could have done that.


In an article titled, 110 N.F.L. Brains, in the The New York Times, by authors, Joe Ward, Josh Williams and Sam Manchester, dated July 25th, 2017… and “conveniently blurred”, and copying made “deliberately problematic”!… Neuropathologist Dr. Ann McKee, is reported to have amassed evidence of “chronic traumatic encephalopathy (C.T.E.!… the degenerative disease believed to be caused by repeated blows to the head!)”, afterupon her examination of 202 deceased football players (a broad survey of her findings were published on the preceding Tuesday, July 18, 2017, in the The Journal of the American Medical Association!… the myriad symptoms of which, include memory loss, confusion, depression and dementia!… and can arise years after the “career blows to the head”!)!
Of the 202 players examined, 111 of them played in the N.F.L.– and 110 of those were found to have C.T.E.!
Simply put!… the term PUBLIC SLAVERY is an apt description for those who support both football, and boxing!… and, underscores the degree of “DEMOANASTROPHOPATHY (i.e., pathic public behavior!)” rampant in America! And!… the one major omission within Dr. McKee’s official report, is the etiology (the causation!) associated with the “PUBLIC BRAIN DAMAGE” tied to the public acceptance of football!… but also– I suggest!– boxing!
Lastly, given what sundry of the CRIMINAL BACKERS of these “sports” are capable of (and e.g., the respective team backers and the managers!), I fear for the safety of the political critics of these “industries”!… and!… I wonder what MANMADE TRAGEDY awaits such critics, as a result of their public shaming of the owners and operators of these American pastimes! Either the TRUE MEDICAL COMMUNITY… AND SCIENCE!… wins the “social debate” over the UTILITY of these “sports (so-called!)”, or the DEMOANASTROPHOPATHY wins (and, in the latter scenario, that includes the owners, players, and the DISEASED PUBLIC!… and, DESPITE THE EVIDENCE– THE FACTS!)!
Please!… no emails!… Jesus is Lord!

Rodeo Head

When New England plays any of its divisional opponents, it does not matter if it is a road game for them, it is an automatic W. Jets & Fins are below .500 and the Bills are sliding that way too …


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