Chloe Kim’s Twitter Makes Us All Hungry

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Getty Chloe Kim is a rockstar on Twitter.

For the second straight day, Chloe Kim tweeted during a competition, and both tweets were food related. “Wish I finished my breakfast sandwich but my stubborn self decided not to and now I’m getting hangry,” Kim tweeted minutes before winning a gold medal. Monday night it was a breakfast sandwich, but Sunday night she referenced being hungry for ice cream.

“Could be down for some ice cream rn,” Chloe tweeted during qualifying. A fan recognized she was tweeting during qualifying, and Kim tweeted back that she was tweeting during the competition. This prompted NBC to create a Twitter poll asking fans what flavor Kim should eat, and Cookies and Cream was the overwhelming winner with 48 percent of the votes.

Kim also admitted she was a fan of Cookies and Cream, the people’s choice of ice cream flavors. “Cookies & Cream is some good stuff. If anyone can get me some to the village thatd be dope,” Kim responded to the poll results. This prompted #OlympicIceCreamFlavors which went viral. Miracle on Ice Cream was just one example of a bevy of amazing suggestions.

After being the youngest woman snowboarder to win a gold medal, something tells us she is going to get a lot of offers for free ice cream, and maybe even a few ice cream endorsement offers. Kim winning the gold in South Korea is particularly special given her parents both immigrated from Korea to the United States.

Kim is a must follow on Twitter @chloekimsnow, especially if you like food. A few days ago Kim offered this piece of life advice, involving, you guessed it, food.

“Oh and I also had 2 churros today and they were pretty bomb so if you ever get nervous go eat a churro,” Kim tweeted.

Who doesn’t get nervous, and want to eat churros? Kim is not only dominating the halfpipe, she is helping you plan your meals like a real American hero. Kim’s Instagram is mostly snowboarding related, but she managed to make mention of her new partnership with Oreo.

There’s also this shout-out to California Pizza Kitchen.

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"So what's your training diet like"

A post shared by Chloe Kim (@chloekim) on Dec 21, 2017 at 11:35am PST

Kim’s first run earned her a score of 93.75, good enough to win the gold medal. She had already won the gold heading into her final run, but opted to try to top it. Kim did just that notching a 98.25 before stepping her way to the podium. In an interview with ESPN, Kim explained she loves giving fans a performance that has a wow factor.

“I love wowing people,” Kim told ESPN. “I’ll throw myself off a bridge to wow somebody. I’m kidding. But you know what I mean. I like to be that interesting person, the center of attention.”

Kim qualified for the 2014 games, but at 13 she did not meet the minimum age requirement to participate in the Olympics. This year marked her first Olympic appearance, but all signs point to her dominating the halfpipe for years come.