Gwendolyn Osborne Smith, Kenny’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kenny Smith wife

Instagram/mrsgwenniesmith Gwendolyn Osborne Smith has put daytime TV behind her and is ready to take on the entertainment world.

Gwendolyn Osborne Smith is ready to take the world by storm.

The former The Price is Right model and wife of NBA superstar Kenny Smith, she’s a force to be reckoned with, determined to shine a spotlight on her family and the stories she wants to tell. Here’s everything you need to know about the UK native and what’s next for the entire Smith family:

1. She & Smith Tied the Knot in 2006

The pair first crossed paths in 2004 – at a charity event – and made things official two years later in a private ceremony at their home in Stevenson Ranch, California on September 8. According to reports many of Smith’s friends and colleagues attended the ceremony, including Inside the NBA co-anchor Charles Barkley as well as Reggie Miller, Kenny Anderson and Marc Jackson.

Smith, then 28, wore a gown created by Canadian designer Ines Di Santo and the couple exchanged custom-made wedding bands designed by celebrity jeweler Chris Aire.

Kenny was previously married to Dawn Reavis and the couple had two children of their own – R&B singer Kayla and K.J. who, in 2017, joined his father’s alma mater at the University of North Carolina.

2. She Spent 12 Years as a Model on ‘The Price Is Right’

The United Kingdom native first joined the long-running game show in 2005 and quickly became one of the program’s most recognizable faces. In addition to her work on The Price is Right, Smith also played Jade Dominguez for two seasons on the television show Ocean Ave. and appeared on Charmed and Huff as well as the films Jack and Jill, Snow Dogs and Any Given Sunday.

Smith’s road to The Price is Right happened, mostly, by accident. She had been working on The Bold and the Beautiful at the time and the gameshow stage was, coincidentally, right next door. She told Fox News she was spotted by casting directors and “the rest is history.”

Smith also made some actual history on the daytime show, fighting to get a mic and become more than just a pretty face displaying grocery items. She explained the desire, saying, “…when they had the change from Bob Barker to Drew Carey, we got a new producer and he was all for revamping everything. We had a meeting about letting us be heard. I was very much determined to have that and I was happy it was received.”

Smith’s last appearance on the show came in October, 2017.

3. She Has Three Children, Including a Daughter from a Previous Relationship

The Smiths welcomed two children after their wedding in 2006 – a son named Malloy and a daughter named London – joining the already crowded household with Gwendolyn’s daughter Monique from a previous relationship.

Smith appeared on The Price is Right during both of her pregnancies and told Fox News she was nervous about the possible repercussions:

It was terrifying at first because I didn’t know how Drew Carey was going to react to my news. And being a woman in this industry, especially as a model where you’re recognized for your body and face — it was really scary. I thought I was going to have to pick between my personal life and my career. I said to him, “I have to let you know right now before we move forward because if you don’t want me here we have to talk about it because I am pregnant. I hope you will be supportive of that.

She went on to say that the environment on the show changed drastically after Carey took over hosting duties. “He was very happy to have the opportunity, through me, to prove the type of man he was and how different he was than Bob Barker’s era,” Smith said. “He celebrates women and uplifts them.”

4. The Smith Family Appeared on the TBS Show ‘Meet the Smiths’

Kenny Smith wife, Kenny Smith family

The Smiths are used to being in the spotlight, but, in 2015, the entire family stepped in front of the cameras, appearing on the TBS reality show Meet the Smiths. According to Kenny, several networks had been interested in documenting the family, but said  “he didn’t see the benefit,” until production company Good Clean Fun approached and agreed to a series on the family’s terms.
“I just thought also to see a family having fun on television would be fun again, just the same way we approach our Inside the NBA show,” Kenny told Radio TV Talk. “We’re not curing the world’s problems, but we’re having fun, and we’re doing it in a way that everyone can relate to.”
The show lasted just one season, with only six episodes.

5. Smith Now Serves as COO at Smith Entertainment Group

It’s time for something new.

After more than a decade on The Price is Right, Smith turned her attention to a different part of the entertainment industry, joining forces with her husband to found the Smith Entertainment Group. The company struck a deal with ITV America in May, 2017, agreeing to a multi-year partnership that, per ITV’s site, will “will develop and produce projects across reality, lifestyle, docuseries, and competition shows, among others, for broadcast, cable and streaming platforms under the ITV America banner.”

ITV America CEO Brent Montgomery released a statement about the partnership, saying: “Kenny and Gwendolyn are a modern-day power couple with incredible ideas and plans to create groundbreaking programming. We’re excited to collaborate with them in this creative partnership and to bring their great taste and sensibilities to multiple platforms.”

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