Ana Obregón, Hirving ‘Chucky’ Lozano’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Hirving “Chucky” Lonzano does not have the name recognition of one-named players like Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar. After the World Cup is over, Lonzano is hoping there will be another named added to the list, Chucky. Few people know that Lozano married his wife, Ana Obregon, when he was just 18 years old. The Chucky nickname sounds menacing, but it comes from his reputation as a prankster as Lozano enjoys scaring his teammates.

Lozano now plays for PSV, but Marco Garces, the sporting director at his former club Pachuca, only has good things to say about the local product in an interview with ESPN.

We expected him to do well. He’d been extremely helpful in us winning two tournaments and building up a reputation, so we expected him to do well, but it’s difficult to say we expected him to do so well…He started getting better in the Under-17’s and a lot better in the Under-20’s. The first time he played for the first team, he scored. The first time he played for the national team, he scored. The first time he played for PSV, he scored.

Learn more about Lozano’s wife and kids.

1. The Couple Got Married When Chucky Was Just 18

Obregon has been with her husband through it all. According to Sports Illustrated, the couple started dating in 2014, well before Lozano was a top soccer star. Lozano married Obregon when he was just 18. Lozano is not flashy, and prefers to keep to himself. However, he is very public in his adoration for his wife.

“The best of my life, thank you for always being by my side, I love you with all my soul, my love,” Lozano posted on social media per Publi Metro.

Lozano started his career with CF Pachuca in 2014 in Mexico’s Liga MX. In July 2017, Lozano transferred to the Netherlands team PSV Eindhoven which plays in the Eredivisie league.

2. Chucky & Ana Have 2 Children

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Lozano has become a top player for PSV, but his friends and teammates all note that his family is his top priority. Mexico teammate Andres Guardado notes he is a bit of a prankster, but he can see family is everything to Lozano.

“He really cares about his family,” Guardado explained to Fox Sports (via “He’s a person who is calm, joyful, happy. He’s a very good friend to his friends. Anybody who knows him has a special affection for the person he is. To talk about Chucky Lozano is to talk about nobility, to talk about personality and to talk about how when he puts on the soccer uniform he’s true to the Chucky Lozano nickname because he’s an evil monkey.”

The “evil monkey” comment goes back to Lozano’s propensity to hide, and try to scare his teammates. It is how Lozano earned the nickname “Chucky.”

3. One of the Things Ana Loves About Chucky Is He Is Always Smiling

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Obregon’s Instagram is full of pictures of their children along with date nights with Lozano. The couple has been through a lot of changes with Lozano moving up the soccer ranks, but those closest to Lozano indicate the fame has not changed him. Obergon has a long list of things she admires about her husband, including his happiness and being a responsible dad.

“He’s a very responsible father, very loving. He plays with the kids a lot,” Obregon explained to “He’s exceptional. He’s a very great person. He’s a very calm guy, he’s a very happy person. He’s always smiling. That’s something I like a lot about him. He’s also a fighter. He’s very responsible. Very, very, very responsible.”

4. Chucky Admits Life in Europe Has Been Hard For His Family

Lozano may be playing in a league with a better reputation, but he admits it has been a bit of a transition for his family. There is a major difference between life in Mexico, and the one his family is looking to embrace in the Netherlands. ESPN explained how life in Europe has been challenging for Lozano and his family.

“Chucky” — a nickname based on the fictional slasher villain that meets his approval — is far from the tacos al pastor of his native Mexico; he finds the food in Holland lacking variety and flavor. His young family has had a tough time adjusting to life in Europe, the Dutch culture in particular, when he’s at practice or his club is away.

Lozano plays with an edge on the field, and sometimes crosses the line to warrant a card. If Lozano’s stellar play on the field continues, teams in the Premier League and beyond could come calling. According to SB Nation, Barcelona and Arsenal are just two of the teams that have been linked to Lozano.

5. Chucky Joined Pachuca When He Was Just 10 Years Old

According to Stoppage Time, Lozano joined Pachuca in 2009, meaning he moved away from his family when he was just 10 years old. Lozano did not make his Liga MX debut until February 8, 2014 when he was substituted into the game at the 83rd minute. It only took him six minutes to score his first professional goal as he found the back of the net in the 89th minute. Lozano admits life was challenging early on, especially leaving his family to pursue his soccer dreams.

“They were tough times for me and my family when I moved away and joined my first club at 10 but I wanted to stay there,” Lozano explained to The Guardian.

Lozano and his wife’s sacrifice has paid off as he is one of the top players on the Mexican national team. Lozano is a big reason why many think Mexico can finally go beyond the Round of 16.